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Your Home Maintenance Checklist For Fall

Fall has arrived, and so has the cooler weather. During the autumn and winter months, your home faces a set of challenges that could cause problems if left unattended. From rain rot to broken heaters, there’s a lot that can go wrong during the fall. Here, you’ll find a few helpful suggestions to help prepare your home for the new season.

Freshen Up Your Home’s Exterior

If you’ll be hosting guests this holiday season, you’ll want to ensure that your home looks inviting both inside and out. While most homeowners tend to add a fresh coat of paint during the warm summer months, it’s actually ideal to paint when there’s low humidity. When you live in an area that has cool and dry weather during the fall, take advantage of this opportunity and paint the shutters or the front door.

Clean the Gutters

Gutters that are overflowing with rainwater and debris can’t drain properly, which can lead to issues down the line. When you’re ready to start preparing your home for the fall season, don’t forget to climb up on the roof for a closer look at the gutters. If they’re showing signs of clogs or buildup, gently sweep away the excess.

Have Your Heater Inspected

In many parts of the country, fall brings freezing weather and rain. To keep yourself and your family warm and comfortable, schedule an inspection. A little bit of proactive thinking goes a long way, and it’s always best to have a professional examine the heater before it’s showing signs of distress. When you’re working through your fall home maintenance checklist, the heater is an important component to evaluate. During the inspection, the HVAC professional will likely clean the furnace as well. Just to be sure, request a furnace cleaning when your company of choice comes over to take a look at the heating system.

Maintain Trees and Landscaping

The changing weather means that your trees and shrubbery will begin shedding their leaves. To avoid a messy yard, be sure to address the landscaping around your home. Falling branches can pose a big problem for homeowners, so get in touch with a qualified landscaping company to winterize the yard. If you’re going to tackle this project by yourself, make sure that you have the proper tools and safety items, like heavy-duty gloves.

Inspect the Roof

The roof is essential in protecting the home from water damage. If you expect that your area will be receiving a lot of rain or snow during the fall, call your roof repair company about an inspection. If they discover any problems, you can get ahead of the game and make repairs before the rainy season sets in.

Wrap the Pipes

Freezing weather spells trouble for the pipe system in and around your home. Before the first freeze arrives, walk the exterior of your home and wrap pipes with cloth or other insulation. This will help prevent them from freezing, and can also result in lower energy bills. This simple home maintenance technique should only take a few minutes, and it’s well worth the effort to ensure that the pipes won’t freeze. Broken pipes are costly to repair and can be a pain to replace, so it’s always best to be proactive and do your best to prevent this issue.

Many homeowners are unaware that steps are required to keep their home in good shape throughout the colder months. If you’ve never prepared your home for fall before, follow the guidelines here to make sure everything is in good condition before the cold weather sets in. Just a few hours of maintenance can go a long way in protecting your home and your family.

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