Recently, we have been interested in furnishing kitchen with wooden furniture and decoration in black and woodFurniture 

Wooden Furniture: 25 Suggestions For Modern Interiors

Recently, we have been interested in furnishing kitchen with wooden furniture and decoration in black and wood . We continue to explore this theme with this publication, which is devoted to wood furniture of modern design.

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Below, we examine 25 different models of designer furniture for modern interior decoration.

Wood furniture of modern design: the collection Sala by Source Japan

This light wood furniture set is part of the Source Japan collection by Source Japan. It is made of durable oak wood and is inspired by the beauty and simplicity of Scandinavian style furniture. Thanks to its light and refined air, it would be in its place in an interior with natural decor and dominated by the white color.

The design desk Belle, a scandinavian wood furniture by Sixayfurniture

wooden office desk style scandinavian six tematic

We remain in the field of Nordic decoration with this wooden desk signed László Szikszai which was launched on the market as part of the Sixtematic collection in 2014. Like many other furniture of the same style, the Belle office is versatile: it can be used as a work table but also as a dressing table.

Detail of Scandinavian design office by Sixayfurniture

office wood decoration modern design

And it is equipped with storage and storage spaces of cables for these effects!

Console Table in White and Wood in Modern Style Design by iCarrar

The pretty wooden nightstand in the picture above is from the iCarrar Plane collection. Designed by Luciano Bertoncini, it is characterized by a clean look that combines the surfaces of the light wood with feet and a drawer in white.

Oak wood console cabinet by Scultpures Eppis Games

eppis modern deco style wooden console table

This modern wood cabinet is a console named Butterfly and designed by Bernard Vuarnesson. In a similar way to the Nordic office as seen above, this table is suitable for several types of functions.

Wooden design console from the collection Alternative de Scultpures Jeux Eppis

Thus, it easily transforms into a very comfortable working desk, with adjustable height.

Modern Style Wooden Console Idea by E15

And, in this picture, we see another console little greedy space: the Drayton designed by  David Chipperfiel d and sold by E 15 since 2015. It is a solid wood furniture that is meant for minimalist interiors but would also be suitable to other modern decorations.

Solid Wood Dining Table by Devina Nais

tables solid wood dining room decoration

This beautiful solid wood cabinet is called Free Table and is part of the M15 collection of the manufacturer Devina Nais. With a very modern look, it is an ideal complement for a house decorated in contemporary country style.

Rustic solid wood dining table by Riva 1920

Here is another country design table: Kauri by Riva 1920. Expressive and organic, this wooden cabinet is a real work of art that will impress your guests.

Original wooden coffee table

furniture wooden coffee table doll house

Modern design coffee table and dollhouse furniture

wood furniture

Here is an original coffee table that is desitined to the decoration of a family house with children. And that’s why it can become a doll house and serve as a playground for the little ones.

Small versatile wooden furniture by Estel Group

This small wooden cabinet is called Stool and it is a product of the Estel Group brand.

Mini wooden furniture for interior decoration by  Estel Group

table sofa wood furniture modern living room

It can be used not only as a seat but also as a table for a sofa or a mini storage for a corner of a living room or a bedroom.

Pouf of modern wooden design padded by Morelato

The photo above shows us a wooden ottoman created by Giulio Renz i and called Myo. It is made of okume wood and has a leather seat. 

Small furniture with practical wooden storage by Morelato

This compact wooden cabinet also has a storage space that is located below the seat acting as a lid.

Modern style wooden chair by KFF

wood furniture ideas modern chairs

The Alec design chair was invented by  Detlef Fische r for KFF. Following the principle of the collection of which it is part, this piece of furniture is based on very high quality materials to satisfy a very demanding clientele.

Captioned wooden armchair and modern decoration by Ton

furniture wood design chair padded

The Merano armchair is a creation of Alexander Gufle r on behalf of the manufacturer Ton. It is a wooden furniture that is practical and comfortable and that is ideal for the decoration of a workspace. Lightweight, the chair would also be easy to carry from one room of the house to another.

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