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Why are French Doors regarded As Being Somewhat Posh

You’ve all seen French doors somewhere or the other and are what many people have fitted into their homes to add a touch of class, good looks, (especially when fitted with double glazed windows).

These doors are made up of many small window panes, (also known as “lights”) fitted into the length of the door. You can probably see one in your mind’s eye now, right?

  • They also have what are called “mullions”, or decorative parts which are designed to divide adjacent window panes.

French Windows by another Name

Because of these panes, they are usually referred to sometimes as French windows.

  • When installed inside someone’s home, a French door will offer only a minimal amount of privacy, so naturally their reason to be is to create a decorative look.

On the Outside

However, today, on the exterior of the home externally, they are becoming an increasingly popular option for many homes.

More and More Popular

Outside doors made in the French design are different from traditional French doors because they are usually made of double-pane glass to provide improved insulation.

  • These doors often have a decorative grille in between the panes, although some have grilles superimposed over a single glass pane.
  • These doors can come as a one-piece solid door or as sliding doors, all of which will depend on the homeowner’s wishes.

Why You Should Fit French Doors to your Home

If you would like them as patio doors, they will draw a lot of attention to the garden and lawn.

  • Used internally, they can help to give rooms a cheerful, sublime and airy look, whilst also providing a superb visual bridge between two adjacent areas.
  • There are some homes where people have used them to act as an alternative to a wall.

Today Prices are Much More Affordable

There was a time in the bad old days, when the price of French doors was a lot higher than that of various other kinds of doors, but those days are now gone and now prices are considerably lower and is why they are now so popular.

  • Because they have such a “classy” appearance, they will definitely boost the good looks and value if anytime in the future a home goes up for sale.

And viewed in this manner they are highly regarded as a superb investment and also part of their popularity.

A Definite Upgrade to Any Home

French doors definitely provide a cool and sophisticated look to any type of home, and especially now being made much solider than before.

  • If fitted with double glazing, there are also the extra benefits of lowering heating bills, and because they are so strong, it makes them ideal for keeping lowlifes such as burglars away from your home.

Fitting French doors make perfect common sense!

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