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Which Are The Best LED TV Brands In India In 2018

The introduction of LED TV has taken the world of entertainment to new heights. With high-quality display and top-notch features such as web connectivity and live TV recording, LED TV is soon becoming everyone’s favourite appliance. Finding a new LED TV is never a problem as the leading e-commerce websites have a huge collection of LED televisions. This is the reason why people stumble upon choices. So, if you are looking for a new TV set, here is a list of the top 5 best-LED TVs in Indiawhich you can choose to purchase. Read on to know more.

  • VU: VU LED TV is known for its excellent picture quality. They have the perfect mix of sharpness and contrast which improves the display quality considerably. From 32 inches to 50 inches, it is available in various sizes. And the best thing is, it has wide viewing angles that enable the users to comfortably watch HD quality video from any angle. Furthermore, it has quick action buttons which help the buyer to pause and record live TV.
  • Micromax: The biggest advantage of Micromax LED TV is the price. Micromax allows viewers to enjoy high-resolution picture at an affordable price range. Also, it comes with inbuilt speakers which promises stereo quality crackle-freesound. Another advantage is that the TV can be easily mounted on a table or wall. It also has internet connectivity that allows the users to access the web and download their favourite applications on the big screen.
  • Samsung: Samsung LED best-LED TVs in Indiafor its various exciting features. It allows the user to take screenshots of their favourite moments and save it on the external device. It also has outstanding audio recording facilities which allow the user to record the audio of their favourite movie or TV series. Also, they take user experience to the next level with the help of different modes like Cricket Mode and Indian Cinema Mode.
  • LG: LG has the collection of some of the best-LED TVs in Indiawhen it comes to scintillating display. With the latest LED panel, the best DLU technology, and advanced image processor – thedisplay experience is quite astonishing. There is a magic remote which enables users to enjoy premium content from the leading entertainment providers with just a single click. And the most exciting thing is that it supports mobile connectivitywhich allows the customers to view mobile content on the big screen.
  • Sony: The list of the best-LED TVs in Indiais incomplete without Sony. Sony LED TV comes with extraordinary features. Apart from Also, it supports multiple formats of USB. Added to that, the TV has a long-life as the anti-humidity coating on wire minimizes chances of short-circuits. There is also a lightning protector for safeguarding the device from powerful lightning strikes.

The modern era of LED television sets brings a brand new experience of interactivity and connectivity for the users. Thebest-LED TVs in Indiaallows the people to use two of the most loved tools: television and the internet on the same device.

Some models of the best-LED TV in Indiahave the latest technology which allows the user to control the device with gesture and voice. The modern day LED TV absolutely bashes the statement which says “technology doesn’t come cheap”. Nowadays, purchasing a brand new LED TV is not a big deal as they come at a very reasonable price.

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