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What is Evaporative Air Conditioning and How Does it Work?

This ingenious method of cooling air differs from the normal air conditioning system, which cools the air with refrigeration cycles, and it involves the evaporation of water. This type of air conditioning offers several advantages, as it is very energy efficient, even more so than the traditional compressor type a/c system. The power of evaporation is exploited to the full with an evaporative a/c system, and just like a sea breeze is cool, so will the air inside your home with this energy saving system.

Evaporative Air Conditioning Maintenance

An evaporative air conditioning system requires regular maintenance, as the system effectively washes the air as it cools, and this means a dirt build up will occur and regular cleaning is the solution. This enables the system to operate at optimum levels, ensuring the air is both clean and cool, and using little energy to do so. It is possible to source evaporative air conditioning repairs in Melbourne, or any other Australian city for that matter, and with a simple Google search, you can locate the right company who can service and repair the system as required. Everything has a lifespan, and eventually the pads and the pumps will need replacing, and with regular servicing, the technician will change a wearing component before it becomes an issue, avoiding costly repairs.

How it Works

The hot and dry outside air is directed into a channel where it passes over wet pads, then the water is evaporated and the heat in the air is absorbed, lowering the temperature. This cool air is then forced into the ducting system by a fan, and cool air is sent around the home, providing an even, comfortable temperature throughout. This system works very well with a dry atmosphere, and is the most energy efficient way of cooling the interior of a building, which is perhaps why it is so popular with Australian homeowners. The main advantages over the air compression and refrigeration method are that the evaporative system uses less energy, and also provides a cooler climate than its counterpart.

Online Maintenance Solutions

The evaporative air conditioning obviously needs regular attention, which involves cleaning the internal chamber, as this becomes clogged with dirt that has been filtered out of the air. The service company would inform you of the frequency, and most would be happy to take on an annual contract that covers both servicing and repairs. The pads have a shelf life and the technician would know when it’s time for a change, while the pumps will also need replacing after a few years, but with such an energy efficient way to have the perfect climate control, one must expect some upkeep costs. In many ways, maintaining an evaporative climate control system is preferable to a regular type of a/c, as there are less components, and it does not require a refrigeration liquid.

There are online companies that specialise in servicing all makes of evaporative air conditioning, and a simple search will lead you to a local contractor, and once the service has been completed, you can take out an annual contract, and then you’re a/c can be scratched off the long list of maintenance duties to perform.

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