What Differences are there exactly between a Porch and a Patio?Home Improvement 

What Differences are there exactly between a Porch and a Patio?

For anybody out there who is not really that sure or even unfamiliar with what they mean, the major differences between a patio and a porch, are the areas of a home where they are going to be built. Also, you can add in their elevation, and whichtypes of materials are going to be used for their construction.

They are both typicallydesigned for similar purposes, and both can be just about the same size and shape. Conventionally, they are built atthe front and the rear of a home, although, this is not always the case.

Traditional Settings

In times past, the difference between the patio and the porch was that the porch was usually setat the front of the home and connects to the front door. The patio was always seen at the back of a home and usually connected to the rear door.

  • Sometimes,a patio may be found placednearer to the side of the house, whilst various are not attached to the home at all

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Etymology Lesson – Patio and Porch

The differences are also quite apparent in their given names. Patio means “backyard” in Spanish, whilst porch derives from aGreek word which means “entrance.” And although these are the classical meanings, there are a number of folk who prefer to build a patio-like platform in someother place other than the backs of their homes, and porchesin some place other than the front.

  • Some homeowners have built porches which actually stretch from the front door all the way around their homes on one or both sides.

One more big difference is that a patio is commonly built at ground level from bricks, concrete slabs, or tiles. Whilst a porch, is oftenmadewith concrete or wood and is typicallylevel with the front of the home.

  • This means that it sits at ground level,even though there are homes where they are elevatedto generate extra curb appeal.

Porches are also popularly put to use for sittings or gatherings, while patios are usually larger and can accommodate an outdoor dining table or sitting area for eating under the stars.

Coverings Can Make another Difference

Yet, another difference between a patio and a porch is that porches are practically always covered with a roof and patios usually are not.

  • Now and again,you may get to see someone’s home with a covered porch which has beenbuiltat the rear of a home, and with an addedpatio.

Porches can also be completely covered with windows and/or screening so that they look similar to an extra room.

Today, patios and porches are becoming more and more popular, and if you’re considering either, make sure to contact and consult with skilled experts to get the job done perfectly!

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