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What Decoration In Wood For The Modern And Natural Adult Bedroom

Our most dedicated readers know that wood is one of the materials we love and to which we have devoted many publications. In addition to being natural, wood also has the advantage of perfectly marrying perfectly with all colors and with almost all styles of decoration.

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To add to this, the deco wood combines in many variants of the wood finish and its essence. This is one more reason to love this material which exists in versions adaptable to all interior spaces. And since it is so, the wooden deco is also an ideal solution for a modern and organic adult room.

What decoration in wood for the modern adult bedroom?

This is the question that will interest us in this publication. Below, we present the best wooden decorative ideas for adult room of the moment. Look !

Wooden decoration for the room with bed on platform

The bed on platform or on platform is an option that is adopted more and more often in the adult room. More than a space saving option, it is a modern and practical interior design solution. The bed becomes the focal piece of the room and offers more space to its owners.

idee-deco-wood-bedroom-a-bed bed-platform-lighting-LED

So this is our first idea of ​​wooden decoration for the room. Adopt a bed on a platform made of organic materials! Depending on your taste, you could select the height of the stage and its size. Additional accessories, such as light strips, are also fully customizable.

wooden decoration bedroom-bed-estrade-tete-delit-bois

Another advantage of such a wooden decorative piece of furniture for the room is that you can select the wooden shades in such a way that it matches the rest of your interior space. What’s better for a relaxing and natural ambience?

Wooden Deco Idea for an adult bedroom with original headboard

With our idea of ​​wooden deco following, we stay on the same wavelength since we will talk about another option to adorn its bed with this material. This is, of course, the wooden headboard.

In recent years, adult bedrooms have followed a more general trend: that of decoration and geometric fashion . The wooden deco with organic headboard perfectly accommodates this trend. This explains why we see more and more headboards wood made in various pieces that follow the classic geometric shapes.

deco-wood-wall room-adult-idee

Elegant, these wooden headboards are currently offered by brands of bedroom furniture. But they also come in DIY version. To create one, you only have to collect various pieces of wood. Then, we should simply put them together in a kind of original mosaic. One can even highlight their shapes with the help of a few luminous bands!

Wood veneer for the walls and the ceiling of the adult bedroom

How to add an organic touch to the decoration of your bedroom without loading the piece of furniture? For this, nothing better than opting for a wood siding. Most often, this one comes in wall or ceiling version.

These two types of facing often echo other wooden surfaces; but this is not mandatory. In fact, one can very well make of its wooden facing a unique accent of the room.


The wood veneer allows games of creativity and flight of the imagination. Of course, one can very well dress one of its walls in simple planks of wood. But it is also possible to invent various shapes and figures to make this siding a work of art.

Good to know: in general, the small parts do not support a decoration in wood with wall cladding too provided. Here, we will therefore limit ourselves to classical geometric shapes. To give more volume to the piece, one will prefer a essence of light wood. Conversely, in the parental suites and in larger rooms, one can opt for a wood paneling richer in detail.

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