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What Can be the Perfect Option For Your Roof Painting

This is not very common but yes we can paint his roof for several reasons. Why paint his roof? With what painting?How to paint his roof? Can you do it yourself? To call a professional? We answer all these questions in this article. Also you will be able to have a simple option with the Roof Painters now.

Why paint his roof?

  • Just as you can paint the wall of your bedroom or the furniture in your kitchen, you can also paint your roof.
  • He is every day above our heads and yet we do not pay much attention to him. But the roof has a funny way of reminding us that we must also take care of him: the infiltrations.
  • To avoid this type of problems, it must of course maintain regularly but it is not always enough. The sun, the frost, the wind, the rain weaken the tiles and make them porous.
  • They will therefore be more fragile, will gorger water see break and lose impermeability.
  • By choosing to paint your roof, you will allow your roof to recover its lost water tightness.
  • Indeed, roof paints are waterproof. Precipitation will only slide on the tiles. The infiltrations will only be bad memories.
  • There is of course also the aesthetic side. A poorly maintained roof, tiles that are very old, dull colors and moss everywhere are not very beautiful.

We say that no one is looking at the roof and so we do not always pay attention but it is far from the case.

Your roof can be seen from afar, from the neighbor’s garden or across the street.

The different roof paints

There is of course a large selection of paints and it is difficult to quote all brands or all types of paint.

However, we indicate the main categories of paints for a roof:

The clear lacquer: yes you can varnish your roof. This improves the hydrophobic qualities of the tiles without changing the color. Generally, these are aqueous phase paints that are applied in a single layer

Acrylic paint: it is the most used when one wants to repaint his roof. It has a very good resistance to outdoor conditions. It will give a new youth to your tiles, limit water penetrations and protect your roof

Polyurethane resin: this type of resin is mainly used for flat roofs or for roof terraces. It helps to give a youthful look to your roof while limiting the penetration of water

Our advice: ask the advice of a professional or a seller. It is of course essential to take a paint adapted to the material of your roof.

Do not be tempted by sub-brands or low-cost paintings. The main purpose when you want to paint your roof is to protect it and this type of paints is not always effective level protection.

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