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Water filters – reverse osmosis system

Osmosis is a process that occurs naturally in the environment in living organisms. This phenomenon takes place as follows: two substances separated by a semipermeable membrane are mixed together by diffusion from a less concentrated solution, i.e. a hypotonic one, to the one that is hypertonic, i.e. has more molecules.

In 1952, it was discovered that this phenomenon can be reversed. A stream containing certain molecules passes through the membrane into a less concentrated solution, and the particles remain on the membrane. As a result of this process, a liquid is formed which is purified of these micro particles.

Application of reverse osmosis in water filters

The operation of reverse osmosis is a method that allows to obtain in a mechanical manner extremely clean and free of impurities water. The big negative aspectis the fact that the water we receive is almost completely free of minerals.Such filtering systems are installed to obtain water used for industrial purposes: washing, cleaning or bathing.Such water should not be used as the only source of liquids, because it does not have the necessary ingredients for our health. In order to be able to drink water from reverse osmosis filters, it is recommended to install an additional device that is a mineralizer that will provide water with valuable elements.

Preservation of the mineral properties of tap water

The Polish Dafi manufacturer offers water filters with activated carbon and ion exchange resin. Their great advantage is their effectiveness. They clean water from mechanical impurities coming from pipes, and also remove chlorine and its derivatives, thanks to which water gains a better taste and becomes softer. Silver added to carbon inhibits the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms inside the filter cartridge.

Technologies with the use of ion exchange resin used in Dafi filters allow water to be enriched in minerals – using the Mg + filter.

However, using a pH + filter, we get alkaline water at pH 8 and a negative oxidation-reduction potential.This property makes the water have antioxidant properties and helps to get rid of free radicals.

The water purified by the Dafi filter can be drunk without boiling and can be a substitute for bottled water.

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