Understanding Your Green WasteGardening 

Understanding Your Green Waste

If you are undertaking a home improvement project or just tidying up your garden, then you may have a significant amount of waste that will require collecting. Indeed, if you are renovating your house or developing your garden, then you may have a significant amount of green waste, which will require collection to prevent such materials from being put into landfill. Furthermore, if you have a significant amount of garden waste that you need collecting you should consider contacting your local firm of experts today who can help you with your green waste issues. However, there are also a number of simple tips and tricks that you can follow to make sure you reduce the amount of green waste that is produced while also helping you to properly dispose of such waste.

Green waste

If you are looking for green waste collection in Newcastle Under Lyme then you can search online for a local professional company which can help you understand your green waste. Indeed, before undertaking a garden project, you should know which kind of waste you are able to put in which particular kinds of recycling bin. Green waste is defined as anything from the garden, such as grass clippings, leaves, branches or twigs, which must not be longer than a specific length. Any other forms of waste which is produced cannot be defined as green waste as it only refers to biodegradable waste which is produced by your garden. Furthermore, you should not put any food waste into green waste bins while any other specific waste products that have been placed in plastic bags should also be removed from green waste bins. In addition, items including wire, plastic or nylon should not be placed in green waste bins.

Collect your waste properly

Another simple tip that you can follow to make sure your green waste is collected and recycled correctly is to not overfill the bin with an excessive amount of waste. Furthermore, you should also be aware that any waste, regardless of its type which is left on the side or on the top of the bin will generally not be collected by companies which specialise in such waste removal services.

Where to store your bin

Furthermore, another simple trick that you can follow is to make sure your green waste is collected regularly while you should also effectively and efficiently position your green waste bin to make it easier for collection. To ensure that your green waste is collected, you should make sure that your green waste bin is left on the roadside with the bin facing the street. Furthermore, you should also make sure that there are no other objects near the bin which could be mistaken as waste material and not collected.

Recycled waste

Recycling your green waste gives you peace of mind that any of your excessive waste products will be taken to a local plant and turned into compost or mulch which can then be used again. Indeed, recycling has become more prominent over the last few decades as the world has become increasingly polluted and you should try to recycle your green waste instead of putting it into landfill sites.

Therefore, make sure you recycle all of your green waste by organising a professional company to help you remove it, especially if you are conducting renovations or garden projects.

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