Transform Your Dining Area with Just the Right Table and ChairsFurniture 

Transform Your Dining Area with Just the Right Table and Chairs

Whilst adding an extension or converting a loft will change the looks of your home, you also need to include complementary furnishings. If you have been seeking a dining room table, contemporary and classic sets are available that are both unique and practical.

Types of Table Designs

Before you make a choice, think about the size of the table and its design. Tables are presented in the following configurations:

  • Rectangular tables are the most popular table styles as most dining spaces are rectangular. You can also use this table for additional seating. The tables often feature leaves that serve to extend the length. Typically, this table goes better in more formal decors.
  • A square table is best placed in a square space. This table is often included in kitchens or small dining spaces. The table is an ideal choice in a contemporary space when it is made with such materials as chrome or glass.
  • Round dining tables are versatile as they can be included in any shape or size dining area. The shape encourages conversation. The space used by the table is also optimised as the table lacks corners. If you want more legroom, a round table with a pedestal base is recommended. This is the table to choose if you want a more casual feel.
  • Oval tables make the most of the linear appearance of a rectangular tables and the friendliness of a round table design. Therefore, you can include this table in various decors or dining rooms.
  • An extendable dining table can be used for daily meals or be expanded for guests. Additional leaves can extend the table to about three times its length.

Making a Selection

Whether you choose an oak table in Northern Ireland or a table made of another material, the design of the table must be considered first. The chairs should be scrutinised as well. Think about how the chairs will work with your table’s design. Do the chairs have arms? If not, do they provide comfortable seating?

Give Yourself Additional Room

You also need to make sure that anyone who sits at the table has enough room to slip his or her chair inside and outside the table easily. Make sure that the distance between the dining table and wall is about 80 centimetres. The distance between each chair should be approximately 30 centimetres.

Do the Table and Chairs Fit Well into Your Current Space?

As you can see, you have to consider more than the looks of a dining set when choosing a table and chairs. You also need to factor in the design and size of your living space. Even if a table and chairs look good in an ad, they still have to fit into your dining room’s design.

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