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Today’s Splashbacks Are Both Beautiful and Functional

Glass is needed for more than just windows because nowadays it can also be used for doors, balustrades, coffee table tops, and even splashbacks. A splashback is important because it protects your counter from food and other debris and makes the countertops much easier to clean. Of course, splashbacks are also made to be more attractive than ever, which is yet another advantage to purchasing one. Most splashbacks are clear but they also come tinted in various hues for those who wish for a little more colour in their kitchen area. In addition, since they are custom-made, they can be made to the exact size you need and the companies that make them can even install them around electrical outlets and other fixtures, meaning that your splashback will always look as if it was there all along.

What You Need to Know

Splashbacks are usually sold at a certain price per square metre and they can be made with two types of glass. The first type has a greenish tint, due to its higher iron content, and is called float glass; the second is a clear type of glass made without iron. The companies that manufacture  splashbacks in Perth, WA can help you decide which of these will look best in your home and they base their recommendations on the current décor of your kitchen and your budget. If you wish to purchase a splashback that matches the colour of the rest of your kitchen, you can let the company know so they can utilise their expertise and provide you with the colour of glass that you need. These companies can design and manufacture your splashback. They can consult with you ahead of time to make sure that they understand what you want as well as install the splashback once it’s made. This means that you deal with one person throughout the process, which is both convenient and simple.

Splashbacks Must Be Provided by the Experts

Trying to cut a piece of glass into a splashback and place it in your kitchen is not easy because these items need to be specially designed and cut to make sure that they fit properly. Many times, these splashbacks need to fit around light switches and oven fans and this is something that only an expert can do right. Installation is also important because if splashbacks aren’t installed the right way, they can cause a space to form between the splashback and the counter, which can attract old food and other items that you may not want to be exposed to. In other words, if you are interested in splashbacks for your kitchen, working closely with an expert is your smartest choice because this is the only way to ensure that the design, manufacture, and installation of them is done properly in the end.

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