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Tips for Keeping Hardwood Floors Shiny and Scratch Free During Renovations

With a healthy supply of natural wood soap and a lot of elbow grease, you can keep hundred-year-old wood floors looking shiny, vibrant and scratch free as well as smelling amazing. Even when a small scratch or nick becomes apparent, there are plenty of do-it-yourself fixes that will eliminate the minor damage in a jiffy. When it comes to heavy construction work in the home or renovations, you have to use some kind of floor protection on hardwood flooring such as the surface protectors provided by Trimaco. No matter how careful your contractors are, there is a high likelihood that they will accidentally cause damage that no one is going to see until long after they are gone. So, how do you keep hardwood floors protected when there’s going to be a lot of foot traffic in your home during home renovations? Next up are some exceedingly helpful suggestions.

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Roll Out Some Rugs

They don’t have to be expensive or even that heavy but putting rugs over the top of hardwood flooring gives them a really good protective barrier. Remember that rugs will absorb any moisture, so you don’t have to worry about contractors coming in with wet boots or accidentally spilling something that will stain the wood floors. Additionally, rugs can provide such a good layer of protection that you needn’t be concerned about your hardwood flooring getting warped from excess moisture. Get some inexpensive area rugs and layer, stack and overlap them in any area of your home that has hardwood floors.

Use Heavy Blankets

In the event that you can’t get rugs, use blankets instead. Of course, you should use the rattiest, oldest, and most tattered blankets you own because after your contractors are done with your home renovations, you’re not going to want to sleep on them ever again. Blankets work like rugs, only they are more breathable and can be moved a lot more easily. So, in the event that your entire home is getting renovated and you have hardwood floors throughout, you can move the blankets to the areas that you are expecting the heaviest foot traffic.

Apply a Floor Protectant

There are a few different floor protectant varieties that you can go with to keep your hardwood flooring scratch and damage free. There are semi-permanent varnishes and sealants that will apply a top coat to your hardwood flooring, rendering it scratch and dirt resistant. Unfortunately, these varnishes and sealants won’t stop heavy duty damage, like if a contractor accidentally drops a hammer or drags a wooden plank behind him as he walks across the wood floors. It is best to go with durable paper, mats, or even boards that are specifically used by contractors in the residential construction industry.

As long as you don’t leave your floors bare and then invite your home renovation contractors right in, you can take steps to keep your flooring protected. Ask contractors to take off their shoes before they walk across the flooring and section off areas of your home that won’t be in use. Put down rugs, use a floor protectant and keep an eye on your hardwood flooring throughout the renovation process.

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