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The Numerous Benefits Of Having The Chimney Cleaned On A Regular Basis

There are many different reasons why the chimney should be swept on a regular basis. Check for businesses in the local area which will be able to perform thorough cleaning and inspections. This can be done for every single fireplace that is in the home.

The chimney is going to be completely clean after it has been serviced and the fireplace will look brand new. Once a chimney has been swept properly, smoke can rise to the top effortlessly.

Pre-Cleaning Explanation

A good chimney sweeper should always give a thorough explanation about what tools they will be using during the process. If the explanation is satisfactory then the cleaning can go ahead.

Smoke Test

Smoke tests are designed to test if smoke is getting trapped inside the chimney. Trapped smoke is often an indication that soot is trapped inside the chimney. The sweep’s first job will be to make sure that all of the soot has been removed.

  • Falling soot causes problems for the fireplace, so it needs to be cleared away efficiently.

During The Cleaning

A chimney has lots of different components that need to be cleaned carefully by chimney sweeps in West Sussexand inspected for any damage. Damaged parts can be replaced later on so that the chimney works efficiently once again.

  • After all the soot has been removed, the chimney can be tested thoroughly.

Checking The Chimney Stack For Debris

Once the inside of the flue has been cleaned properly, the sweep must take a look at the top of the chimney. Some debris may have fallen into the top of the chimney, such as a piece of brickwork or a dead animal.

Debris must be cleared so that it is not causing a disruption any longer. Experienced chimney technicians do not need a large amount of time to make sure that all of the debris has been cleared.

  • Whenever some debris is disrupting the top of the chimney, a technician can be called to make sure that the blockage is removed successfully.

When Is The Most Common Time Of The Year For Cleaning?

Chimneys are used in the winter months when the temperature outside has dropped considerably. Fires are roaring, which often means that soot and smoke collect inside the chimney flue. People should have the chimney cleaned at the end of winter and at the start of spring.

A chimney that has been cleaned at the end of winter will be ready to be used again once the temperature starts to drop again the next year.

  • Use the same company to perform the cleaning tasks at the end of every winter.

Scheduling A Follow-Up Inspection

Always schedule a follow-up inspection to make sure that absolutely everything is working perfectly. These inspections could be every six months or they might take place once every year. In between these formal inspections by the chimney technician, make sure to carry out some inspections in the meantime.

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