The Benefits of Aluminium Bi-Fold DoorsWindows 

The Benefits of Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-Fold doors have always been popular and for good reason. Their installation allows you to enjoy the many benefits of being outside from the comfort of your home, essentially creating more usable living space.

Whilst not cheap, a good set of high quality bi-fold doors are worth every penny. In this article, we’ll provide an overview of the many benefits, helping you to decide if they’re right for you.

What Are Bi-Fold Doors?

Bi-fold doors are usually fitted to a lounge that backs onto a garden. A track is installed along the entire length of the opening which allows the doors to move through a fixed plane of motion, with partially open and fully open an option.

The idea is to maximise the area of glass used which in turn allows plenty of natural light to flood into your home.

Garden Access

As mentioned, the purpose behind bi-fold doors is to provide easy access to your rear garden. Rather than a single doorway, an entire curtain wall is provided which makes the wall your new doorway.

Visibility into your garden is dramatically improved, allowing you to keep an eye on your children when playing. Bi-fold doors are also commonly installed to allow easy access onto a balcony for all those who live in apartments.

Maximise Solar Gain

The benefits of the sun providing a free energy source in the winter shouldn’t be underestimated. Such a large glazed curtain wall is going to act as a great entry point for the sun’s rays to enter your property and keep you and your homes inhabitants comfortable.

The type of glazing fitted will be at least double glazed, acting as a great insulator and keeping you warmer for longer.

Reduce Your Energy Bills

The installation of double or even triple glazing can go a long way to improving the energy efficiency of your home. You will find that your home is cooler in the summer but also warmer in the winter, helping you to reduce your energy bills.

Maximise Natural Light

Of course, the benefits of having such large windows will pay dividends when it comes to making the most of natural light. Natural light will allow you to use your interior lighting much less and enjoy the setting sun on those long summer evenings.

Increase the Flexibility of Your Lounge

Finally, making your home more usable has to be the biggest benefit. A new set of aluminium bi-fold doors will provide you with an excuse to hold a patio barbeque every weekend of the summer. Simply fully open your doors and let the outside come to you as you and your guests make the most of your lounge, kitchen and garden.

Bi-Fold Door Fabrication

All that’s left for you to do is get your home measured. Simply decide where you would like your doors fitted; popular locations are to your lounge or kitchen but any room backing onto your garden will work. Architectural aluminium fabrication in Leeds is a speciality of many bi-fold door suppliers so you are sure to find someone if you happen to live in Yorkshire. For those further afield, simply browse online to find your nearest supplier.

If your house features the right layout, a set of bi-fold doors will work wonders for it, in both summer and winter.

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