Yesterday we talked about the deco teen room girl and it is now time to talk about the boy teen roomHome Improvement 

Teen Room Boy – 56 Practical Ideas For You To Discover

Yesterday we talked about the deco teen room girl and it is now time to talk about the boy teen room which is not easier to furnish and decorate. Because boys are all as hard to please as girls and all as pretentious with regard to this sacred place for them!

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They need their room and it is not just to sleep but also to spend whole days there.

Teenage room, practical and modern

decoration teenage boy bedroom ideas

You should know that in the boy teen room the mess is welcome. You must therefore ensure that the room is welcoming, clean and tidy at all times. In addition, your boy will need typically masculine elements like, for example, a great aircraft, a beautiful car, sports business or can be computer games? We are here to help you with this challenging task – the teen bedroom teen room. Here are some interesting ideas of deco in pictures:

Teen room decoration inspired by technologies

We talked about cars and other examples of technologies that most boys are passionate about today. What is the type of vehicle that fascinates your son? You know him because he probably talks about it a lot and he probably also has pictures in his personal space. Develop this side of the room decor with wall charts, posters and even painted images directly on a vertical surface of the interior space.

How to offer his son a separate room, even if it is small

room teenager boy small-space-under-slope

Surprising as it may seem, the room decoration of boy adapts as well to small pieces. In fact, teens need their own room and they will always be happy to get it, even if it has a limited area.Arrange this type of room by leaving enough room for circulation and games. In a room under roof or under roof, place the storage units in the corners of the room to clear more room in the middle.

Use space saving furniture to maximize space in a small teen room

room teen boy office-wood-small-space

If you have to look for ways to save space, opt for practical and space-saving furniture. A bed in mezzanine, a desk on two levels that also shelves storage, poufs easy to store … This is the kind of furniture that should be privileged in such a room.

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