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Tailor-Made Library, Our Selection For Bibliophiles

The library says a lot about its owners. Often a glance at the titles and names of the authors on the bookshelves of our library is enough to give an idea of ​​our personality.

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Just as the works can provide this information, in the same way our own decorative ideas are reflected in the look of the piece of furniture itself. So, what do you need to know when it comes to building a customized library? In this text we will seek the answer to this question by presenting some basic principles for the creation of a customized library and a collection of examples of such furniture.

How do you create a library that is tailor-made and best fit into your living space?

custom-made bookcase

To create a custom-made library that best matches the look of your interior space, select materials and colors that match the overall ambience of the room. Black and white are the preferred colors in most contemporary interiors, and they often appear on wall libraries installed in recent times.

Model of a small custom-built library on slope by Alex Findlater

underground painting

To incorporate a tailor-made library into your entire interior space, consider the role of the structures themselves. The storage unit is much less visible than the volumes stored there. The arrangement of the latter is essential for a well organized library.

Example of a contemporary bookcase with closed storage by Dk Studio

brick wall brick wall

Whether custom-made or ordered ready in a store, a contemporary library is recognizable by its well-organized appearance. Contrary to popular belief, the proper organization of the shelves of this piece of furniture does not depend solely on the colors of the work and other characteristics relating to their appearance.

Contemporary bookcase furniture in black by Raji Rm

The size and weight of the volumes are also important for the orderly aspect of the piece of furniture. It is not surprising, then, that decorating pros recommend placing the heaviest books in the lower part of the library while the less imposing works are usually placed on the upper levels of the furniture.

White library decoration idea with contemporary works and accessories

Some books and magazines easily become decorative accessories per se, especially if your mural library is dominated by collections of books with identical covers.

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