Split System Air Conditioning vs Ducted Systems

There is always more than one option available when it comes to the installation of air conditioning systems within the home. Whilst their end goals are the same, the way each system will go about achieving it is slightly different.

Here we will provide you with an overview of the types of system available as well as which might be better for your home.

What is Air Conditioning?

Before we begin it’s always good to start with the basics. Air conditioning systems supply heating and cooling to a home by the use of refrigerant gasses which transfer energy. The energy transfer process for providing cold air is the exact opposite for that of providing hot air.

Boutique Air split system repairs

Some homeowners may not realise it is possible to heat their home via conventional air conditioning systems but this is one of the many perks available over any other traditional system.

Split AC Systems

A split AC system refers to an air conditioning installation which uses individual wall or ceiling mounted units located within each room of the home.

The idea behind this type of installation is that each unit is only responsible for the room that it is placed within giving complete control within that environment.

Ducted Central Air Systems

Any ducted heating and cooling system will be able to provide the same level of heating and cooling that a split system can, the difference is in the way a ducted system is installed.

Instead of individual units in each room, inverters will be placed at strategic locations inside the floors or ceilings of your home. It is from here that each inverter will transport hot or cold air through a series of connected ductwork which is installed throughout your home. It is this ductwork which is the medium for heating and cooling where it provides the necessary air through a grille located within each room.

Which System Is Right for You?

That would depend on your individual needs and the size of your home. Larger homes will always benefit from ducted systems whereas smaller homes work well with split systems.

The other consideration is whether or not you already have the required ductwork in place. This won’t be an issue for a new build but will require costly retrofitting to any property that was never originally fitted with ductwork.

Some other points for consideration include;

  • Split systems allow you to heat or cool only the rooms that you are using, saving energy.
  • Split systems will likely be cheaper to install and may work out cheaper to run.
  • Ducted systems are great for those homeowners who want an out of sight system where no visible signs of the heating and cooling system are present.

Installation, Servicing and Repair

Any competent air conditioning based heating engineer or contractor will be able to install, service and maintain your air conditioning system. Boutique Air split system repairs can take care of all of your air conditioning woes. They are one of several companies operating in Melbourne who can offer split or ducted air conditioning system services so we suggest that you approach a few to see what they can do for you.

The right air conditioning system can keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter so make sure that yours is always working as it should.

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