Small Bathroom CabinetFurniture 

Small Bathroom Cabinet: An Original Selection

Simplicity, beauty and functionality: the three basic qualities that define the ideal small bathroom cabinet . This space dedicated to personal hygiene in everyday life is often conceived as a place of well-being and relaxation.

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Small or large, your bathroom deserves a refined design and materials of a high quality. This room is regularly exposed to moisture and you have to choose the right furniture – preferences of natural materials. Today, we present to you an exceptional selection of 45 pictures of ideas of design furniture for a small bathroom of all cute.

Esperanto Small Bathroom Furniture by Rexa

furniture for small bathroom mirror wood sink bench wood

Creating a small space is always a challenge for contemporary designers. Small studio, small room or small bathroom, those who live in an urban environment, often live in small apartments. Finding functional furniture that does not take up too much space is not very difficult. The hardest part is integrating the furniture into the room.

Small bathroom cabinet in pink matching with black and white wallpaper

The designer Monica Graffeo designed this wooden bathroom cabinet for the Italian company Rexa Design. It is high and with doors. This cupboard in lilac color formidable is part of the Esperanto collection.

Ideal furniture for a small and elegant piece of water by Rexa Design

furniture for small bathroom wood idea wall furniture wallpaper

The Hole collection, translated hole in French, is inspired by wells and their long history. At first, they were just holes. The oldest well was found in Cyprus. For centuries this system has enabled man to dispose of water.

Hole design wall cabinet by Rexa Design

furniture for small bathroom wall design space design wall concrete

The Hole Collection bathroom wall cabinets represent “modern” wells. Their shape is soft and pure with the black basin, which invites to look inside and at the bottom of the furniture. The round storage units are reminiscent of old bins, these also redesigned and modernized.

Bathroom in industrial style fitted with small Hole wall cabinets

The Hole collection fits wonderfully into an industrial or minimalist bathroom interior. Why not match them with a round bathtub like the one above?

Industrial style bathroom with wall cabinets by Hole

bathroom design bath wall concrete ceiling decoration wall furniture

Marco Bortolin is the designer and creator of this simple and wall-mounted vanity unit with storage. Made of oak wood, it has a very soft pink color that fits into a wide range of interior styles.

Pink vanity unit in wood from the Kyros collection and round mirror with integrated lighting 

wall-mounted design mirror round bathroom small space

This furniture is produced by the Italian company Edoné, one of the largest manufacturers of bathroom furniture made of natural materials and with a sophisticated design.

Vanity unit in elegant pink, producer Edoné by Agorà Group

bathroom vanity mirror bathroom white

In the kitchen, the dining room or the bathroom, the open shelves are always practical and particularly suitable for small spaces.

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