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Simple Checklist for the Perfect Home Renovation

Should you be one of those who’ve never had any home renovation carried out at your abode before, you may be feeling a little bit nervous. (And at the same time, excited!)

  • How much will it all cost?
  • What length of time will the job take?

And therefore, knowing exactly what to expect and what to prepare yourself for, helps to calm any worries regarding what is to come.

Experienced Professionals

You obviously will be using seasoned specialists to undertake the task from the very first to the very last minute of the job in hand, including the buying of materials, and administering the full building procedure.

If you hire reputableexperts, it will definitely remove any concerns you may have, and make it a smoother transition, helping to keep your new bathroom installation in South London, on schedule and inside your budget’s allowance.

Expect Lots of Noise!

If you’re thinking that it will some hammer tapping away here and there, and a little sawing in the background – think again! And when it’s going on, it can be continual. Tools and machines do not provide you with the sound of silence!

  • Try getting somewhere in your home as far away from the noise as possible and should you work from home, definitely wear some good headphones and/or earplugs!

If you think it can’t really be so bad, find somewhere which is currently having some renovation carried out, and you may have a change of mind!

And don’t worry, all of that racket just means that the renovation work is going ahead, so think positively!

Dust is a Must!

Even when utilising zip wall barriers, you might just find a fine layer of dust making it to other areas of your home.

  • You can try closing off the building area from the rest of your home with a compression-fit temporary wall.
  • In addition, air filtering systems can assist in pulling dust from the air in non-construction areas of your home.

Cleaning Up

Not really any issues there as a professional renovation company cleans up after every job or work day, and do their best to minimise any disruption to normal home-life as possible.

And When It’s All Over

It might be the removal of that unattractive, small bathroom, or those ancient kitchen shelves. Or perhaps the installation of those cool looking new spiral stairs, which you’ve dreamed about for years since you moved into your lovely home.

Other people feel celebratory when they finally see their newly finished ceilings and floors, and can’t wait to get the furniture back in and arranged.

Party Time!

And don’t worry, because that wonderful feeling you will get after moving back into your newly transformed home, will make you feel that the renovation was well worth it.

There’s no excuse for you now not to have a little party to celebrate and show off that cool looking new kitchen, bathroom or living room! Cheers!

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