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Services for Underfloor Heated Screed Near You

Perhaps you’re reading this article because you’re in the process of determining heating options for your new home. While several heating options are available, underfloor heated screed may be one of the best ways to go. It allows for heat to be evenly dispersed across the floor surface, providing for even temperatures everywhere you step and throughout the room. In addition, this method of heating is known for its energy efficiency and low maintenance costs.

Screed is similar to concrete in the sense that it too is composed of water, cement, and aggregates. The difference is the size of the aggregates used and the mixing ratios of the three different ingredients. In addition, screed and concrete may serve different purposes when it comes to home and building construction. When it comes to underfloor heating systems, concrete is often laid beneath the screed.

Maybe you’ve already established that an underfloor heating system is the best heating method for your situation. If you’re seeking a company that offers underfloor heating screed in Birmingham specifically, you’ve come to the right place. Below, you will find further information regarding services in your area.

Assorted Screed Products Available

Different people have different needs for their flooring systems. Therefore, different types of screed products are available to accommodate a variety of needs. While you’re searching for the right company to provide your underfloor heated screed, it’s important to determine what your precise needs are. Types of screed available may relate to the following:

  • Plain cement screed
  • Waterproof floor screed
  • Extra-strong fibre reinforced screed
  • Dry screed
  • Self-levelling screed

If you have questions or concerns regarding which option is best for your situation or about underfloor heated screed in general, a knowledgeable and experienced concrete professional is happily available to assist you.

Other Products and Services

Home construction and underfloor heating systems often entail more than just screed. If you’re looking to get multiple aspects of your home project completed, consider working with a company that offers diverse products and services under one roof. A company that supplies screed will often supply concrete, sand, and gravel as well.

Dependable delivery service is also important to any project. Search for a company that can deliver your ready-mixed supplies to you in a timely manner. On the other hand, it may be more convenient for you to retrieve the product yourself if you have trucks capable of carrying it.

Experience Is a Must

Any project pertaining to screed or cement can be costly and time-consuming. Mistakes made throughout the process could equate to even more time and money spent. Ensure that your project is

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