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Securing Access to your Property or Site

Using fencing or hoarding to secure a construction site, is not simply about keeping intruders or thieves out, it is also vital for safety of generalpassers-by. In the UK, there are a number of laws and regulations that builders and construction workers must adhere to. The Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974, states that all reasonable and practical steps must be taken to ensure the safety of the general public. While it doesn’t state it explicitly, it does mean construction sites must be securely fenced off. Reasonable steps must also be taken to prevent unauthorised access to the site, and hence to ensure that only delivery drivers, or those with an authorised and legitimate reason for being there can gain access. Contractors are required to conduct planning, provision and maintenance of the site perimeter, and select the appropriate fencing or hoarding, erect it, and ensure adequate signage and warning signs of dangers are clearly visible. The site must also be regularly inspected to allow for maintenance, and modified as necessary.

Temporary Gates and Fencing

Permanent fencing solutions around a site are rarely appropriate as circumstances and requirements can change rapidly and often. Temporary gates can be used to control traffic in and out of the site and prevent accidental pedestrian access. As different aspects of the site are being worked upon, so the outside perimeter temporary fencing can easily be moved or adjusted to allow for whatever works are occurring, much simpler than if the fencing were a permanent structure. Naturally, you will require the fencing and gates to have significant strength, and be totally secure in all areas. Gates should be latched and lockable, much as you would expect from your home security gates in Yorkshire, or any other county for that matter.

Perimeter Hoarding

Hoarding is another option for the perimeter of your site. It is a temporary structure of solid construction, that unlike a fence, not only shields from unwanted access, but which also shields activity from view. Because of its solid nature, it can be beneficial for workers and those living and working in close proximity, as it may be aesthetically more pleasing and can improve privacy and minimise disturbances. It must be structurally sound and able to withstand strong wings or impacts. Hoardings do also provide a good surface from which to display a variety of signage. This can of course be mandatory warnings of danger, but also provide a good platform for advertising and marketing of the structure inside that is being built, possibly including an artist’s drawing of what the finished structure is going to look like, which is especially important, if it is to be a shopping mall, or a desirable residential property. As with fencing, it must be regularly inspected and kept well maintained.

Regardless of if you are using fencing or hoarding to protect your site perimeter, it is essential that you are working with a good access provider, who has every gate option ready to go, or who can build it for you, because after all, the site is no good if the right people and the materials can’t gain the right levels of access.

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