Recycling with a Skip Hire CompanyCleaning 

Recycling with a Skip Hire Company

As we all know, recycling is now more important than ever. Large quantities of plastic are finding their way into watercourses and eventually large bodies of water, having a devastating effect on the eco system.

To do your bit, why not consider recycling your waste rather than throwing it into the bin? There are many ways in which you could go about this but the most straightforward is to make use of a specialist recycling company who will ensure that your waste is handled responsibly. Keep reading if you would like to learn more.

What Sort of Waste Can Be Recycled?

Literally anything that you would wish to dispose of. This can include everything from;

  • Garden waste which has been collected during the process of gardening. This organic waste will usually include grass cuttings as well as dead plants and fallen leaves.
  • Waste construction materials such as bricks and other rubble. Plasterboard and old fixtures and fittings are also prime candidates for recycling.
  • Any old items you find lying around the house which you haven’t used for years.

Recycling all of this waste rather than simply throwing it away will make sure that it doesn’t end up in a landfill site.

Approved Skip Hire Companies

What you will need to do is make use of the services of a skip hire company. Once they have ascertained your needs, they will be able to advise on the most appropriate skip which they will then deliver to your house.

If you have several different types of waste to dispose of, you may require more than one skip. Electrical items for example will require a skip of their own. Waste recycling in Doncaster can be facilitated through one of several skip hire companies, the details of which can be found online. The price you pay will include both the cost to deliver the skip and to dispose of your waste when necessary. 

The Sizes of Skip Available

There are several different sizes of skip which are readily available, dependent on your needs. These include:

  • The 2 yard skip which can hold up to the equivalent of 30 bin bags. Also known as a mini skip, the 2 yard skip is the smallest size available and is perfect for a small clear out.
  • The 4 yard skip can hold up to the equivalent of 40 bin bags, perfect for a medium sized clear out. This size is also great for medium sized pieces of furniture which need to be disposed of.
  • The 6 yard skip is also known as the builders skip and is the most commonly hired size. As the name suggests, this type of skip is perfect for heavy and dense builders waste. This skip can hold up to the equivalent of 60 bin bags.
  • The 8 yard skip is perfect for emptying an entire house, great for when you’re selling up or about to move elsewhere. This skip is perfect for large bulky waste as well as builders waste.

As you can see, a size for every occasion. We would suggest getting in touch with your local supplier for more information.

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