Palette Headboard – An Inexpensive Project To Beautify Your Room

Are you creative? Do you like to tinker? We have put together for you some ideas of headboard in pallet to embellish your  bedrooms , so your sleep will be even softer in an environment made to your taste.

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Rustic wooden pallet headboard

One of the main rooms of our house is the bedroom. It is a place of rest and well being. That’s why we care about the furnishing of this one, as well as its decoration. One of the main furniture of this room is the bed. When we think bed we always pay attention to the mattress, the cushions but also the design of it. The headboard in a palette is a very fundamental part because entering the room is one of the first things to see.

Pallet headboard – choose the right size

The use of pallet head bed wood to make furniture has become nowadays a very popular phenomenon. People use cheap wood to make different types of furniture all over the world. If you opt to purchase a headboard pallet this may cost you much more than make it yourself.

Palette headboard designed with storage space


Sometimes just update the look of your room just by adding a new pallet headboard or to make some storage space needed by building a pallet bed frame. You spend about 1/3 of your life in bed, so it’s better that it be done well.

The gray is a current color even among headboard pallets

Save money and always express your individual style by using recycled and reused pallets for your next DIY project for your bedroom. The biggest plus for the headboard is that it leaves us with the choice of choosing between shapes, design, format and colors suited to our lifestyle.

Making your own headboard in a low-budget pallet


Where can I easily find pallets for your home project? In general, warehouses, contractors and large shippers are good sources for used pallets because they throw them very often. When choosing your wood, make sure that it is not polluted by toxic or degradable materials. Before you begin, you need to know exactly how many pallets you need for your project. Do not forget to think about the thickness of the headboard pallet.

How to make your headboard in pallets in a few steps

head-of-bed-en-pallet wood achieve
To make a pallet headboard, you will need 2 to 3 recovered pallets, footboards (about 2.5 x 15 cm.), Construction adhesive, nail finisher with nails , an orbital sander with sanding discs of 80 and 220 grains, paint adhesive, paint, paint brushes or sponges, stencils, shellac, denatured alcohol, alternative metal saw, a saw blade, a circular saw or a cutting saw and a drill.

Mix and lay the boards
How to lay the palette? Use a saw to cut just behind the boards and through the smooth tips. Be sure to use a sharp blade and this step will be much faster. For this pallet headboard, eight boards of different widths were used. You can mix the different planks of the pallets to get a varied look.

One of the most important steps is to

head-of-bed-with-wood-pallet take-measure

Measure the height of your bed frame, box spring and mattress, then add 80 cm. Cut 2 feet to the correct height, as well as an intermediate support. Place both feet on your work surface so that they are a little narrower than the head of the bed. Center the bracket relative to the feet and apply the adhesive. Position the first board so that it is slightly higher than the top of the feet.

To your nails!
Using firm pressure down, put two finishing nails into each leg and the intermediate support piece. Apply construction adhesive and insert nails for each subsequent row and continue to install the tight planks in the previous row. Make sure the last board is just below the top of the mattress.

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