Library: Begin To Personalize Your DecorFurniture 

Modular Library: Begin To Personalize Your Decor

The more time passes, the more literature is digitized and the less the need for a large library becomes evident. And yet, the library is still as current.

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Often present either in the living room or in the bedroom, the library remains an indispensable piece of furniture for our daily life. But what can we do when our scenery begins to bore us? What to do when we need change? We introduce you to the modular library , the piece of furniture that risks changing your daily life and, moreover, several times …

Modular bookcase for maximum flexibility

The modular library is a practical solution for one obvious reason: it is customizable. In floor version, suspended from the wall or ceiling, it can quickly become the focal point of your interior. Some models are stackable, others offer possibilities of endless compositions.

With this system of wall shelves, you are free to arrange your cubes as you see fit

If you are looking to revive your home without doing major work, a flexible library will be very useful. Both practical and aesthetic, it will add character to your room while sheltering your books and travel memories.

TANGRAM: the modular library that resembles a geometric puzzle 

The advantage of a modular library lies in its flexibility. Indeed, you become the designer and the user and who will know, better than you, what you need?

Here is one of the many compositions you can create with this wall library 

Take the TANGRAM library above, for example. Customizable at will, it even allows you to create small works of art on the wall and becomes as furniture as decoration. Available in several colors, it is inspired by an ancient Chinese concept that sees a square divided into 7 parts.

Original library composed of several cubes of different sizes 

freely crammed cubes

The concept behind most modular libraries is, of course, that of constant change. Designed to offer the most flexibility to their users, they can be configured with freedom and creativity.

Deco idea that presents the library arranged in a different way 

deco idea design library

Unlike Tangram, the library shown below is stackable. Entitled Stacked and designed by Julien de Smedt , it is composed of several parts, in this case cubes of different sizes and materials, which can be stacked on top of each other in order to create a homogeneous piece of furniture that can be changed from one month to the other.

And here is a final example deco where the wooden cubes stand out well from those in white

minimalist design composition

The design of this library relies heavily on the contrast between white and wood. This choice of colors helps to differentiate the cubes while putting some in value compared to others.

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