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Modern Terraces: Selection Of Some Exterior Design And Ecofriendly

Having a terrace is great. But having a modern, functional and functional terrace makes us even happier. Today, you are introduced to a selection

of some exteriors of modern terraces which make us want to spend there eternal sunny days.

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Living more outside makes us happy and zen. For the inhabitants in town, enjoying the outside is often possible thanks to the terraces, balconies and parks. These are places of urban nature.This is where you can enjoy the greenery: trees, herbs and flowers. If you live in the city, you know what you are talking about. You also know that urban gardeners with a terrace or balcony at home are simply lucky.

In this publication, we will present a selection of outdoor urban green spaces as well as basic tips to properly lay out its terrace. We will also be interested in some ecofriendly contemporary architecture  projects . Discover how modernity and nature coexist perfectly together.

terraces modern outdoor carpet floor coffee table candles

Modern terraces: selection of some fabulous exteriors

Wood, stone, greenery: the three key words to enjoy a beautiful and natural outdoor space. The golden rule when designing an outdoor space: nature, nature, nature .

We prefer the furniture made of natural materials or recovery. Wooden furniture, palette, recycled furniture, stone, bamboo, braided resin to the basis of natural fibers – you have a very wide choice of environmentally friendly materials.

Decoration – plants, plants and plants! It is very simple and the results satisfactory guaranteed.To create a space cocoon, carpets, cushions and covers of natural fabrics are always welcome.

terraces modern exterior design swimming pool terrace floor covering

Impossible to have a beautiful terrace without beautiful planters

To have beautiful plants, you have to take care of them. In a recent publication, we talked aboutsucculent plants and their maintenance. Some people believe that greasy plants can survive everything. They are not wrong, but that does not mean that we should not care for them, water them and provide them with enough indirect light. Any plant needs maintenance. Any plant needs a suitable container. Gardeners advise to favor ceramic or terracotta pots and to avoid glass containers.

Apart from the practical aspect of the pots, one should not neglect the aesthetic side. Choose pots that will provide a pleasant living environment for your plants and will beautify your exterior.

terraces modern deco furniture cushions idea wood coating

Modern terraces with swimming pool or basin: some useful tips

You have a terrace with swimming pool? Great! You are lucky owner and certainly very happy with a water basin. Small or large, it is not very important. Do you know that hearing the flowing water or watching the moving water calm the mind? In a Japanese garden Zen, one always puts a basin of water – small pool, fountain, stream.

If you enjoy a swimming pool, you have to think about the surface of your surroundings. We have already devoted some publications to this theme . Here again, natural and resistant materials are replaced. Concrete is also permitted. Some people match the siding of the pool enclosure with that of their terrace. This choice is very common when it allows to create a harmonious whole. On the other hand, if you want to accentuate your swimming pool, a coating in contrast to that of your terrace is conceivable. Marrying concrete and wood is usually one of the preferred combinations of pool owners.

rooftop terrace-city amenager-idee-deco-pool

Comfort and functionality are paramount to create a pleasant exterior.

Have you ever come across a place that makes you want to stay forever? We yes! More often than not, it’s an outdoor, natural place that feels comfortable at the same time. It is also our vision for the ideal modern terrace. It represents a space between nature and warm modernity.For a long time with heads turned towards the modern, one is again in search of the natural.

rooftop terrace-house roof-modern-contemporary-design

Small or large, any outer space is susceptible to transformations. Every good project begins with a detailed plan. To make the most of your terrace or living room, take into account all the elements: surface, location, budget available, desires and reality.

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