Want a modern open kitchen? Kitchen 

Modern Open Kitchen: Some Models Of Timeless Design

Want a modern open kitchen? Very good ! You came across the right place. Here you will find our ideas, tips, tricks and selection of open modern kitchen interiors of timeless design.

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Kitchen cupboard, worktop, island, bar, storage solution and deco – here is all the necessary information.

Modern open kitchen: backsplash ideas, worktops, islands

kitchen modern open scandinavian plan work wood luminaire suspension

You know very well that Scandinavian design is the preferred design of several contemporary space designers. It owes its success mainly to the fact that it is simple and unpretentious. Recreating it in a room of its living space is easy. Simply focus on the brightness, functionality and simplicity of small details. We forget all kinds of bulky objects and kitsch. The idea is to keep it simple .

In a nutshell, the modern open kitchen represents a luminous, pleasant and practical space. Preparing the meal, taking breakfast at the cooking island’s bar or sampling becomes an experience thanks to the atmosphere and attention to detail.

kitchen open modern island kitchen concrete wood stools

In the modern open kitchen we emphasize simplicity, functionality and attention to small details.

The kitchen is one of the main rooms of any dwelling. Some see it as “the heart of the house”. Indeed, we strongly agree! The bedroom and the bathroom (two very important rooms in everyday life) are places of relaxation and solitary rest. While the kitchen (dining room and living room included) is a dynamic and active place. We prepare the meal, take a drink, discuss and tell our stories of the past day.

Preparing the kitchen is a ritual. This is why it is comfortable, user-friendly and functional. Open kitchens are probably the most practical kitchen model for us. The open room facilitates the circulation, opens all the space and makes it brighter. It feels like no one lives in spaces with separate rooms, and you?

kitchen open modern design scandinavian dining table wood lighting fixture

What backsplash for my modern open kitchen?

The backsplash plays two roles in the kitchen – practical and decorative. It is convenient because it helps protect the wall when you are cooking. Most of the time, it is chosen for its aesthetic side. The backsplash can play the role of a nice colorful accent accent in a Scandinavian kitchen, for example. On the market, there are models of backsplash very varied. They are all protected, so we choose our own according to its aesthetics.

kitchen open-white-island-kitchen-lighting-trend

Many modern kitchen designers decide to match the backsplash with another element in the kitchen. In most cases, it is the work plan, the kitchen island or both.

modern open kitchen splashback kitchen wooden luminaire

What plan of work for my modern open kitchen?

The kitchen worktop is an essential element that is always used. This is where you start with the preparations before going to the kitchen and then – to the tasting. We choose his work plan according to his desires and budget. The wooden worktop is a great classic, for example. It is at very affordable prices and with a modern and warm look. A marble worktop will cost you much more. It is suitable for people who prefer to design a modern and luxurious open kitchen. For an industrial kitchen, you can choose a waxed concrete worktop.

design-kitchen open-modern-island-woodspace-kitchen open-modern-interior-trend

What island for my modern open kitchen?

To answer this question, you should first know the dimensions of your kitchen. Buying it or designing it yourself depends on your budget and your DIY skills. If your space is restricted and you want to enjoy an island with a bar, go for a folding bar, for example. Removable kitchen islands (with rollers) are also a great solution for small kitchens. In short, no matter which kitchen island you choose, if you have never enjoyed one, you will see the difference – it’s so convenient!

kitchen open plan kitchen island wood stools wood table kitchen cabinets

open kitchen-modern-interior-kitchen-trend-modern-deco

Semi-central kitchen islands are also very practical. They make it possible to maximize its interior. The only difference is that they are fixed to the wall and traffic is possible on one side only.

kitchen open modern ilot design chair wooden lighting fixture

Choosing a wooden kitchen island is always a good idea. Moreover, by making this choice, you will never be mistaken. You know why ? It is thanks to his adaptive mind. It really adapts to all interior styles!


In an open kitchen, the lighting chosen is essential for our comfort.

A bright work surface, an extractor fan with built-in lighting, bright spotlights – you have to think about all this when planning your kitchen! The lighting does not need to be strong, but it must be present in all the key corners of the kitchen.

For the dining room and the kitchen island, one can afford lamps in suspension design. A beautiful deco accent, right?

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