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Minimalist Decor For The Adult Room – 40 Ways To Adopt The Style Less Is More

Less is more , this is the phrase that, very well known today, best describes the style of minimalist deco and what it represents: “less is more”. Creation of the English poet Robert Browning, this phrase was adopted, in the middle of the 20th century, by the representatives of the minimalism movement.

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In architecture, deco and art, it underlines the basic principle of minimalism: to remove all that is superfluous and all that is not indispensable. The objective of all this? Achieving beauty in simplicity. This basic principle continues to govern

the minimalist decoration in its many modern and contemporary variants.

Our big issue of the day is devoted to the modern and contemporary transformations of the minimalist decoration. You will find inspiration for the decoration of adult room in this style that does not cease to evolve. Here is how to give a freshness to a bedroom thanks to the secrets of minimalism.

Adopting the minimalist decoration in her bedroom is a breath of fresh air

deco minimal room-less-is-more-inside

Adopting the minimalist decoration in her bedroom is a breath of fresh air in her living space. The minimalist interior seduces us with its luminous, natural and serene atmosphere. Those who love contrast games are free to opt for a black and white decoration, softened by a few touches of light wood.

deco minimalist room-adult-ambiance-nature-less-is-more

The minimalist decoration brings a sensation of volume and lightness to the rest space. We like the effect it gives in a large bedroom. Space seems even more spacious than it really is. But less is more is also (or even more) the ideal solution for small rooms, for smaller apartments and for studios. Because it is here that one can really benefit from it to give more structure to room of limited size.

Since the middle of the 20th century, minimalism has undergone many transformations. Today, we are more free than ever to experiment with minimalist decor. And it is one of the aspects of this style that we love the most. After all, experimenting is the best way to give your adult bedroom a look that matches her personality!

The room minimalist decor, a space where reigns the natural atmosphere

One of the most recent and up-to-date transformations of minimalist decoration is its openness to nature and organic materials. Gone are the days when minimalism rhymes with artificial surfaces! The time is for the coatings and natural furniture. In such a space of life, the wood occupies a place of first rank.

To accentuate the light and natural ambience, one opts for adult bedroom furniture in light wood. They are the ideal complement for textiles in neutral colors. And they do not come out, which allows us to add some interesting accessories without overloading the minimalist interior.


Who says natural atmosphere, also says indoor green plants. In spaces dominated by minimalism, green plants shine in all their splendor. It is undoubtedly an effect that results from the combination of clear and neutral colors and fresh or lively tones of their foliage. Enjoy this effect and select the best location for your indoor plants!

The minimalist bedroom decor – here’s how to customize it without breaking the bank!

One aspect of the minimalist decoration that we love most is that you do not need to spend large amounts to beautify your rest area. Eh yes ! A minimalist interior is purified; the furniture is therefore limited to the essential.


But this does not mean that the minimalist-style bedrooms must lack personality. We do not hesitate to select some interesting accessories that we would like to use in the minimalist decor.

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