Metal Blacking - A Great Way to Enhance AntiquesPainting 

Metal Blacking – A Great Way to Enhance Antiques

Antiques are valuable and precious items, and they can be greatly enhanced by metal blackening, a process that involves dipping the metal into a bath with a special solution, which causes a chemical reaction on the metal surface. There are a number of solutions that bring various effects onto certain metals, namely, brass, copper, pewter, silver and nickel, and these effects also protect the surface from corrosion.

Metal Blacking in Kit Form

Metal blackening has been around for many years, with guns being treated with this process, to protect against the elements, and it is only in the last few years that it is possible to carry out the procedure at room temperature, which brings metal blacking within reach of everyone. The kit would include the antiquing solution, a set of baths and the degreasing solution that also needs to be applied. Blackfast are a UK based company that have pioneered the metal blacking process to the point where a complete kit can be ordered online, and with easy to follow instructions, anyone can enjoy the benefits of antiquing.

Free Demonstration

If you live in the south of England, it is possible to attend a free demonstration of the metal blackening process, which gives you a much clearer picture of what is possible. Whatever the type of metal, a test will allow you to see first-hand the effects, and then you can make an informed decision about the type of solution to select.

Money Back Guarantee

So confident are the online suppliers that they offer a money back guarantee if you are not totally happy, and only the very confident will go that far. They are experts in all things connected with metal blacking, which includes antiquing, and they are very happy to advise on any aspect of the process.

Added Protection

Aside from the aesthetic appeal of metal blacking, the process offers anti-corrosion properties that will protect the metal, thus ensuring that your antique pieces are not liable to corrosion. Immersing the metal in a solution means that even the hardest of places is reached, ensuring total protection.

Antiquing for Aesthetic Enhancement

Many dealers use metal blackening to give an antique some extra effect, whether it be brass, copper, silver, or pewter, and with a range of kits available, this process is now very affordable and can be carried out by anyone. If you would like to know more about affordable kit form metal blacking, an online search will certainly point you in the right direction. Once on their website, there are many informative articles and a FAQ page to help you, and once you have decided on the most suitable kit, a secure online payment is all it takes to dispatch the kit and you can then begin to add some real character to that antique item.

The process has been refined over the years, and with room temperature immersion, anyone can achieve optimum results.

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