It's not great news that children spend a lot of time in their room. Used to sleepHome Improvement 

Kids Room: How To Have Fun In A Functional Space

It’s not great news that children spend a lot of time in their room. Used to sleep, play and study, this space should be a reflection of their personalities.

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Yet, it is easy to get lost in the world of children. That’s why we’re here to help. In this article we propose you to discover

some ideas and tricks for decoration and child room furnishings.

Do not miss our picture folder and let yourself be inspired. And do not forget one essential thing: always ask for your children’s opinions before making any major changes.

toy storage-ikea

The decoration of your child’s room can be a bit tricky because we want to create a fun space but still functional. However, finding the perfect balance between the two may seem difficult, but we will prove the opposite.

First of all, you have to choose key places and furniture whose purpose is to be multifunctional.This will provide a space that facilitates the storage of your child’s toys. Here are some tips that will help you transform the child room into a multifunctional and fun space.


Dressing, while playing can be very fun for children of all ages, but especially for girls.

However, this game idea can also turn into a big brothel if you do not have enough storage for suits and clothes. Therefore, put up a dressing area that features a long mirror with several closets or different storage boxes where children can quickly and easily store their shoes, suits, scarves and more inside. This idea will appeal so much to little girls that they will love to put their belongings in the form of a game.

children's room espace-enfant-idee-rangement

If you have a window that offers you the opportunity to have plenty of space all around, consider turning it into a storage space. The area under the window is a perfect place to place a bench. The natural light coming from the window is ideal for your child to spend his or her time reading. This is the perfect place to have time for yourself. In addition, additional storage space is always a great idea in this room. You can easily find this piece of furniture at Ikea and arrange it in your own way. Inside, you can store books, toys and many more.

Small tip: drop some cushions on the bench to make it more cozy ink.

room-children-bed boat

It is no secret that a child’s room is easily encumbered. The little ones have so many objects, toys and clothes, that at one time one no longer knows what to do with them. Therefore, we are always looking for additional storage units to store the entire bazaar. Our little trick is

to buy multifunctional storage cabinets for the children’s room

But also, do not hesitate to get storage boxes. These will help you easily store your children’s toys. But above all, they are so easy to make use of, that they can do it alone.


The child room is considered the space in the house where your child can let his imagination run wild. As you probably already know, the walls of the room are one of the things that make the difference between the child room and the rest of the house. Therefore, if you want the walls to be fun and creative, we have a proposal for you.

Turn the wall of the bedroom child table!

Walls in paintings are a great way to let your children write and draw on the walls. This allows them to be as creative as they want, without being afraid to damage the walls. Later, they can also be used to help your children do their homework. So to speak, you can play together with the teacher and pupil. Hell, right?

But finally, how to turn a wall into a painting? All you need is a special matt acrylic paint and spread it on the wall you have chosen. You can find this painting in large surfaces, as for example at Leroy Merlin .


Sometimes, we decorate the pieces of our children according to their current age. This means that two years later we must think of renewing the entire development once more. To avoid changing the decor of this room each year, consider adding furniture and accessories in color.You can add different elements and colored furniture to give character to the entire room without having to paint the walls or completely change the look of the room. So, over the years, you can only change the toys and accessories by others.


There is a great chance that your children will eventually fall from high, into their room, sooner or later.

Avoid a painful fall by installing a carpet on the floor.

The carpet is one of the best options to consider for the child’s room. In addition, when they are small, they can play on the floor without worrying that they are cold. Consider a dark colored rug in case you are afraid they will spill something.


If there is something for which children are well known, it is because they move quickly from one activity to another. When they are small, their concentration is minimal. Several different activities can solve this problem because it allows your child to find what he likes in a single room. The more you organize activities in their room, the more they will stay wise and in place.Either consider a corner reading and homework, a corner to sleep and rest and a corner to play that the children can customize in their own way.

Choose furniture for children.

Thus, they alone can store their bazaar. Provide them with color boxes adapted to the rest of the room. Do not leave too many items on the shelves because it will be harder to clean afterwards.


Indoor swings have become extremely popular in recent years because they are a great distraction for children throughout the year. Even during the winter, your child has the opportunity to use his swing.

Our tip: mount the swing near the floor in the child room, so your kid can use it alone.

wall-decoration-breakfast space

One of the best tips we can give to a functional children’s playroom is to arrange it in the simplest way possible. If you’re short of ideas for kids bedroom decor, add some essential items that will appeal to your kids who will also be able to put on their own.

Decorating your child’s playroom is not as difficult as you think. In fact, it is a question of following some general rules, such as those we have enumerated above.

idee-storage-books Mural

The books take an important part of each child’s room. But on top of that, they accumulate over the months. Which storage arrangements to choose for them?

We advise you to choose a piece of furniture that will be easy to reach by children.

In this way, they will have the desire to go and draw by themselves in the heap of books. The wall shelves are a great solution and so the books can be arranged by theme.

drawing-stickers-wall small-room

Did you think about the decoration of the room? Instead of taking the lead to paint each wall, wall stickers are a very good option. You can find them in almost every department store for interior decoration. If your child has favorite characters or patterns, you can turn them into a wall decoration. The great advantage of this type of decor is that it can be changed at any time, to hard and as your kid grows.

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