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Is Your Saniflo Macerator Working Properly?

When it works, a Saniflo macerator pump does an excellent job of breaking up toilet paper and waste. When combined with flushing water, any solid substances are transformed to a slurry, which flows through a narrowed piping system and upward. A quiet pump transports the slurry upward.

How the Saniflo System Works

This miracle system is used for up-flush Saniflo toilets, a unique toilet system that offers a quick installation and is unlike any other toilet system in the marketplace. That is because the Saniflo’s macerator is designed to transmit waste upwards toward the main drain, a distance that can range up to five metres. No other water pumping system has this ability. In turn, this amenity has made the Saniflo toilet a popular plumbing choice.

Whilst it is a one-of-a-kind flushing system, the Saniflo is designed to work simply. When the waste is flushed, a macerator within the tank is triggered. When this happens, the waste is pulverised. Following this action, the waste moves into a soil stack or septic area up to 45 metres away. As soon as the process stops, the macerator deactivates. When the tank refills with water, the tank is empty and clean.

Again, specialists in plumbing and heating services in Southampton state that a Saniflo installation is not involved or difficult. Many customers who opt for Saniflo pumping systems want to include a toilet in an en suite bathroom or a basement. Therefore, if you need to add a toilet to an area where a conventional toilet cannot be installed, choose a Saniflo.

Install the Toilet in Places Where Conventional Toilets Cannot Be Placed

If you want to add a toilet in a space that you thought was impossible to accommodate, you want to consider installing a Saniflo. This type of toilet is also environmentally friendly. Saniflo macerating systems last for up to 50,000 flushes, which is ten flushes daily. You do not have to break up your floors to install a Saniflo, either, which results in an overall lower expenditure.

However, once you have a Saniflo toilet installed, you want to make sure that you have it regularly checked to avoid maintenance issues. Have the same plumber who installed the Saniflo system check it when you have regular plumbing inspections. When you take good care of the toilet, it can give you many years of use.

For instance, plumbing customers sometimes complain that their Saniflo will not activate. This often happens if a pathway is clogged with grunge or a sealant. The membrane may also have shrunk. Maybe a micro-switch has failed. Any of these problems can be averted as long as you schedule regular plumbing evaluations. An inspection will keep your plumbing in working order and keep your repair costs low as well.

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