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How to Find the Right Fencing Contractor

Erecting a fence, whether for your home garden or commercial premises isn’t always an easy task. The larger the job, the more skill it will require so it’s often best to call in the professionals. What can be just as tricky is making sure that the company you hire to erect your fence are professional and will get the job done on time and to your desired standards.

To make this job easier, we’re going to provide an overview of exactly what you should look for when sourcing a fencing contractor.

Review Their Qualifications

We’re lucky in the UK in that the majority of tradespeople and professions are required to adhere to the standards and practices set out by their relevant authorised body. For those trades that aren’t required to join an authorised body, choosing not to could be a sign that they don’t take their job as seriously as they should.

Before selecting a fencing contractor, always vet them to make sure that they are a member of the Association of Fencing Industries or another similar organisation which should guarantee a higher standard of work and professionalism.

Review Their Portfolio

The presence of a portfolio where you can view completed projects is another great way to ensure you choose the right fencing contractor. Quality of workmanship is important so the ability to check that a contractor is capable of carrying an installation out to the highest quality is paramount.

Any contractor without a portfolio or who is unwilling to show you their past work should be avoided. Another benefit of the portfolio is to give you some inspiration in case you’re struggling for ideas.

Find Recent Testimonials

Another great way to vet a contractor is to find recent testimonials and reviews from happy customers. There are several websites online which are dedicated to hosting reviews of service based companies so it’s a good idea to perform a web search on your chosen contractor to read any feedback present.

Negative reviews aren’t always a bad sign as long as there are only a few and they have been responded to in the appropriate manner by the company.

Don’t Be Led by Price

Whilst price is of course important, it shouldn’t be the only deciding factor. A contractor coming in cheaper than the competition is fine if they also receive positive reviews and past customers are happy with their work.

Find Your Fencing Contractor

By now you should have been able to draft a shortlist of suitable suppliers. Your next step is to approach them all for a quotation and choose the company providing the best service offering. Fencing contractors in Oxford and the surrounding areas are available to all those who require the services of a professional fencing company. If you’re slightly further afield, there will of course be several suppliers operating in your area who can assist.

The right fence, whether for your garden or a security fence for your business needs to look good and perform its job. Appoint the services of the best contractor you can find for the best results.

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