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How To Design Your Home The Right Way

Whether you’re designing a new home or redesigning a current home setup, you always ask the question – “where should I start?”. Well, start by dumping all your current thoughts. Designing a home isn’t as simple as put furniture here and there. It needs time and creativity to get the best out of a room space. If you only put some thought into home design first, you might end up something close to housepire. From the kitchen to the living room and bedroom, designing the right way will make a home stand out even with the cheapest furniture.

Creating inspiring home setups like houspire isn’t an easy task. While the final output seems simple yet elegant to “wow” a spectator, it went tons of brainstorming and delegation before it became what it is. So, to design your home the right way is to dump your current ideas.

Dump Your Current Ideas And Start Anew

Design or redesigning, it only means one thing – the old needs to go for the new to come in. if you’ve been redesigning your home for several times now, it means you’re not content with what you have right now. So, for the last time, time to start anew by thinking of a new style or theme for your next home setup. How to do that? Well, start from inspiration.

Be Inspired

It’s easier said than done. But we can provide you ways on how to be inspired. If you’re given the chance to visit a friend’s home, check out the design. See what works and what doesn’t. As an alternative, buy a home magazine. Magazines include some of the most beautiful home designs that professionals have taken a look at. Or, if you have an internet connection, go to houspire. After that, it’s time to brainstorm.

Plan Your Theme

Brainstorm ideas and themes. Best to jot down every single idea that you have. Classify them accordingly, depending on your preference – it could be through pros & cons. Think of a theme that’ll make you happy. Something that’ll inspire you every single day you set eyes on it.

Put Them In A Perspective

The best way is to draft or draw the plan. No need for computer modeling skills or architectural designs. A clean sheet of paper and pencil is enough. Simply image the floor spacing then jot down where things go. Put things into perspective and you’ll have a better glimpse of how you want your home to look like.

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