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How to Arm Yourself Before a Bed bug treatment in Your House?

Dealing with bed bugs is an arduous task. These tiny bugs are hard to spot and even harder to get rid of. Even after getting a treatment done, there are chances that hidden eggs or adult bed bugs may lead to infestation again. Before calling for professional help for this purpose, follow these steps to ensure that your war against the pests is a complete success.

A professional pest control is needed to deal with the menace of bed bugs in almost all cases. However, these professionals need your help in taking their action forward. You can prepare yourself as well as your house before their arrival so as to remove hassles from this work.

Preparation involves steps ranging from providing easy access to furniture to the post-treatment requirements. Here are the five things you need to take care of for maximum effectivity of the treatment.

  1. Furniture Placement and Re-placement

Dark corners in the house are perfect places to provide refuge to tiny bed bugs. It is necessary that you move the furniture at least 2 feet away from the wall. The furniture also needs to be emptied of its contents to provide access to bed bug treatment. Move your shelves, dressers, etc. to the center of the room. Remove wall hangings, wall clocks, etc. and keep them in the same room where they were placed.

  1. Taking Care of Bed Linen and Other Fabrics

Bed linen and other fabrics that may have come into contact with the bed bugs need to be washed in hot water, as bed bugs are killed by heat. After washing, isolate these clothes by keeping them in sealed bags. Vacuum the carpets as well. These items cannot be replaced to their original place until 4 hours after the treatment.

  1. The Importance of De-cluttering

You need to discard all useless items into the dustbin, like excess magazines and newspapers so as not to provide a haven for bed bugs. Place these items in a plastic trash bag and remove immediately from the house. More clutter means more difficulty for the pest control professional. Remember to eliminate all cardboard boxes and pick up any clothing or other item lying on the floor.

  1. Sealing the Area

Your pest control professional will tell you the exact time, for which you have to seal off the area, but it is usually around 4 hours. You need to move your pets and family away from the space till then. Fish tanks can be covered with plastic wraps but make sure you prick for oxygen supply. Although, it may be best to ask your neighbours to house your pets if they can, for a few hours or a day at best. Also, do note, that there might be some smell after the treatment and may not be healthy for people with respiratory issues.

  1. Post Treatment Measures

Take care to not clean or carpet the floors for around two weeks for the treatment to work. You may vacuum the area as needed. If the professional recommends a follow-up after 2-3 weeks, it is advisable not to move furniture to its original place till then.

These steps would surely require efforts on your part, but remember that bed bugs are extremely headstrong creatures seeking ways to reoccupy their territory. However, with a proper mechanism, their total elimination can be guaranteed.

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