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How Teak Garden Furniture Can Be Protected From Termites?

Termite attacks are really very much dangerous for any teak garden furniture. Therefore, you should always adopt some of the most effective measures for protecting your furniture against these deadly attacks. Wood experts will surely tell you about different useful precaution measures that can keep your wooden furniture protected from irritating and destructive termites.

Ways for preventing termite attacks:

  • Moisture protection: If teak garden furniture holds moisture contents for a long time then termites will surely get invited. This is why you should keep your furniture absolutely moisture free all the time. You should never use either liquid cleanser or water for cleaning your garden furniture of wood. Microfiber cloth needs to be used for dry cleaning or normal dusting purpose. Sun drying is the best solution for protecting your furniture from unwanted seepage especially during rainy seasons.
  • Wood polishing: This is one of the idealist termite protection options especially for teak made furniture outdoors. Bring experts home for getting the suggestion of the best wood polishes that suits your furniture quality the most. Only organic wood polishes need to be used for avoiding harmful impacts. Moreover, these polishes are free from synthetic elements and thus you can use safely for a long time. Polishing not only keeps the termites away but also makes the wood surfaces shining in appeal. This task can be efficiently performed only by an experienced carpenter. Wood polishing should be done on a frequent note for keeping the termites away permanently.
  • Using white vinegar and olive oil: A perfect mixture can be created from both white vinegar and olive oil. This mixture is the best herbal therapy for keeping your outdoor teak furniture termite free. Termite infestation can be strongly prevented with the correct application of the concerned mixture. This therapy is the safest of all and moreover, it can be easily applied. This mixture will keep your furniture clean and moisture free for a long time.
  • Using aloe-vera: Aloe-vera is quite a useful plant as it has got multiple usages. Most people think that aloe-vera is needed only for shining skin and hair but this is not the sole usage. Recently, gardeners have found the best usage of aloe-vera for protecting wooden furniture outside. The gel part needs to be extracted carefully so that it can be evenly applied over wooden surfaces. This will improve the teak quality and on the other hand, pest attacks can be resisted as well. If you do not have enough time in extracting gel from the plant then you can also take readymade aloe-vera gel available in the market. Aloe-vera gel basically creates a thick protection layer that prevents termites from reaching the wood material.

Teak furniture for gardens needs to be inspected frequently so that termite traces can be easily detected. You can now hire a professional for effective and regular maintenance of your teak furniture. You are now free to use some readymade termite protection products. But be confident that the products are absolutely harmless for teak wood.

Different kinds of useful oil treatments have been recently introduced for protecting teak garden furniture from termites. In this case, only natural oils are applied. Orange or neem oil can be used for getting the best protection from pests of all kinds.

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