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How Should I Select the Ideal Pump for a Swimming Pool?

To choose the best type of pump for a swimming pool will mostly depend on the kind of pool which in place and the parts of the pool itself. And even though the same kind of technology is used in all kinds of swimming pool pumps, there are some slight differences that can have an effect on operations in various ways.

So, it’s in your very best interests to do the research and check your options, or by consulting with professionals within the pump industry.

Type of Pool

The important first step is to ensure that the pump you wish for is made for the kind of pool you need it for. This means as in whether it is a ground level pool or the above ground pool type.

  • The type of pool pump made for a ground level pool will have some difficulty working perfectly for that of an above ground pool, simply because the above ground swimming pool pumps utilise gravity to transfer water to the pump.
  • Whilst pumps for a ground level type of swimming pool have to mostly create their own suction power to get water flowing.

Any Some Extra Features

Another thing to consider is if the pool’s owner has any other additional features attached to the pool, like a Jacuzzi hot tub, fountain or a waterfall.

  • For these types of pumps, contact professional people that deal with a full range of pumps from the swimming pool type to those used in anindustrial pump station.
  • In most cases, any extra features will require a more powerful pump.
  • This will help to extend the lifeof a primary pump and also provide pool owners with some extra flexibility when utilising those features.

Speed Matters

One more thing that is becoming more popular withpeople with a pool, is whether or not they should buy variable speed swimming pool pump.

  • Pumps of this type can operate at various speeds and capacities which will depend on what is needed.

For example, employing the use of a manual pool vacuum or a pool robot vacuum, to get any sediment drawn to the pool filter, may need more power than just the circulation of the water, which is what is required when heating a pool.

  • That’s exactly why, you should look into the abilities of a variable-speed pump that will help in energy saving associated with pool maintenance.

Experienced Owners of Pools

Seasoned pool owners will know exactly what they need by simply taking a look at their current pump.

Usually, a pool pump of 0.75 horsepower or slightly higher will be enough for nearly all residential requirements.

  • If a user is of the opinion that they liked how the previous pump performed, then a brand new swimming pool pump of the same specifications, would be fine.

However, if the pump is not working as well as anticipated, or if you are fitting out a new pool or extra features, you should consult with pump experts.

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