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How Can an Antique Furniture Restoration and Repair Service Help You?

Typically known as “antique furniture restoration and repair” is a company which specialises in any kind of professional restoring and repair work inside the home.

Items which can be brought back to life include furniture, artwork, rugs, or tableware, all of which can be returned to a state similar to how they looked when they were was originally manufactured.

This type of restoration work is:

  • Non-invasive and leaves the majority of the furniture pieces intact if possible
  • May include physical repairs, clean-up, the replacement of any broken parts, and other sorts of minor cosmetic alterations which are intended to return an item back to its original condition
  • Antique furniture restorers in Cambridgeshire can conduct all types of skilled tasks, from the easy which needs a small amount of work, to the intricate, all depending on what needs doing
  • And even though you might end up adding extra value to some articles, it can also inevitably diminish the value of others, so specialist guidance is indeed of the essence

An Item Must be 70 Years Old or More to Be Classed as an Antique

In general terms, “antique furniture” usually refers to items of furniture which date back to a minimum of several decades or older and more than often refers to pieces which are centuries old.

  • It does happen to be a slightly subjective term, and is used by different folk to refer to a range of different articles

Antique Furniture Restoration is Usually Necessary When:

  • Some older furniture has been purchased which is fairly beat up and soiled with age
  • An heirloom has been passed on

This type of work can be as easy as the removing of stains from a table, or as intricate as re-hinging a beautiful desk, repairing any damage, or re-polishing and refinishing the entire piece.

Blasts from the Past

Restoration work is commonly aimed at bringing a back a beautiful piece of furniture to how it once looked and functioned when it was first made.

  • Sometimes, updating and changes are carried out, which is not really referred to as “furniture restoration,” and in practically every caseis frowned down upon by antique furniture connoisseurs

If some furniture is exceptionally rare or serves as a prime example of a unique period in time, or of a renowned furniture maker, then any work of restoration really should be undertaken by a professional.

  • Any attempts by amateur furniture collectors in carrying out any restoration work will more than likely result in a high possibility of it getting damaged

Consult with Specialists

The good looks of furniture and the kind of restoration work which it receives can vastly impact its value.

And that’s exactly why expert advice from professionals will provide you with a feel for what kind of work should be done to boost the value of an item, and at the very same time, what work to avoid.

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