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Five Benefits to Hiring Scaffolding for Small Contractors

Small contractors often do not have the capital to buy equipment they may only need on occasion. Their capital is usually best spent on equipment and supplies they use every day, but they may be able to hire tools or equipment they need to complete projects. Here are five benefits for hiring equipment such as scaffolding instead of buying it.

Affordable Rates

Hiring scaffolding can be done affordably for your business, no matter what size set-up is needed. Companies that offer scaffolding hire in Hendon will visit the worksite to find out how much scaffolding will be required to safely complete your project. When you receive quotes for scaffolding, do not just consider the cost, but also consider the services they provide to find the best value for your money.


Most companies that offer scaffolding hires will usually include delivery, setup, and dismantling the towers as well. Regulations require a qualified person to construct scaffolding towers to ensure their stability so those using them will be safe.

They also must be inspected after high winds and storms to ensure sure they have not been damaged in ways that could compromise their integrity. When you hire scaffolding, most companies provide these services at no additional costs.

Assessment of Work Site

The company from which you hire scaffolding will visit the work site beforehand to evaluate it. They can tell you whether a permit is necessary at the location where the towers are being constructed. If the scaffolding is going to obstruct a roadway or pathway, then permission will be required from the local council to construct it. When the site is accessed, many companies can obtain scaffolding construction permits for businesses like yours in less time than most individuals.

No-Obligation Quotes

When you need a quote for scaffolding for your project, look for companies that provide them at no cost to you, and with no obligation to use their services. Most companies offer no-cost, no-obligation quotes, so that is more money you can save by hiring scaffolding instead of buying it. Ensure you get everything in writing when requesting quotes so you know what to expect when you choose a company from which to hire scaffolding.

Saves Space

Although scaffolding consists of tubing, brackets, and other small pieces of equipment to construct towers, it can take up valuable storage space. However, you do not need to worry about storing scaffolding when hiring it, which helps save both money and space at your business.

Whether you paint houses or put up cladding, a scaffold tower can make performing those tasks safer and simpler. Hiring the scaffolding you need can help your company save money, space, and time.

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