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Contemporary Furniture With Casters Practical And Original

Contemporary furniture is original and interesting. They defy our imagination with new forms and reinterpretations of ancient ideas. The furniture on wheels belongs to this group of objects that we have known for a long time but which are easily adapted to new and intriguing readings.

And in fact, at the moment, this type of furniture attracts a large number of designers and designers of decorative objects.

contemporary furniture

The latter benefit from the fact that modern man appreciates the possibility of freely moving his furniture and often likes to change the look of his interior. But they also know that today’s customers are looking for not only practical models but also such ones that have an attractive and interesting look. As a result, the current market meets this demand with a large selection of wheeled models for all rooms in the house. They highlight the creative genius of their authors and they seduce us by their functionality and beauty. In this publication, we focus on a series of examples of pieces of contemporary furniture on wheels for the interior and exterior of the house.

Contemporary furniture with casters for kitchen and wood decoration

contemporary furniture

Let us turn first to the kitchen and to the furniture on wheels that are specially designed for this room. Some decades ago, the only furniture on wheels for the kitchen was the trolleys and the small storage and shelves, often with appearance not terrible. Today, the situation has changed completely.

Contemporary furniture with casters: ideas for trendy and practical interior

Owners and tenants nowadays enjoy flexibility. Those who live in a small apartment are constantly looking for opportunities to gain more space and better organize their interior. Those who have a larger surface like to be able to play with the volumes and easily and quickly transform their kitchen decoration. For these two categories of people there is today a series of kitchen furniture solutions with wheels. In addition to the famous service, the look has been refreshed to meet the tune of our time, there are now kitchen islands and even removable models for integrated appliances!

Contemporary furniture with casters: easy DIY idea

kitchen furniture

Among the authors of furniture of this type is the Studio Rygalik with the Foodlab collection which includes a series of modular pieces. Crafts enthusiasts will also appreciate another idea of ​​kitchen furniture on wheels: the ones that you can do yourself with an old, medium-sized cabinet.

Small cabinet with casters for contemporary living room deco

table glass deco salon roulette contemporary furniture

Of course, the kitchen is far from being the only part of the house that welcomes furniture with wheels. The living room and the dining room follow it very closely. A very rich collection of furniture is available, specially designed for the attention of those who wish to introduce a rolling object into one of these two rooms. The coffee table is, of course, the first object of this kind to think of when it comes to the decoration of the living room. In addition to this small piece of furniture, there are consoles, TV cabinets, shelves and removable boxes, as well as sofas and armchairs on wheels.

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