modern and natural adult bedroom Interior 

What Decoration In Wood For The Modern And Natural Adult Bedroom

Our most dedicated readers know that wood is one of the materials we love and to which we have devoted many publications. In addition to being natural, wood also has the advantage of perfectly marrying perfectly with all colors and with almost all styles of decoration. Sponsored Links To add to this, the deco wood combines in many variants of the wood finish and its essence. This is one more reason to love this material which exists in versions adaptable to all interior spaces. And since it is so, the wooden deco is…

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best describes the style of minimalist deco Interior 

Minimalist Decor For The Adult Room – 40 Ways To Adopt The Style Less Is More

Less is more , this is the phrase that, very well known today, best describes the style of minimalist deco and what it represents: “less is more”. Creation of the English poet Robert Browning, this phrase was adopted, in the middle of the 20th century, by the representatives of the minimalism movement. Sponsored Links In architecture, deco and art, it underlines the basic principle of minimalism: to remove all that is superfluous and all that is not indispensable. The objective of all this? Achieving beauty in simplicity. This basic principle continues to govern the minimalist…

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