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Soft And Elegant Velvet Sofa

Installing a velvet sofa in your living room ensures you feel very soft. Velvet, combined with elegance and delicacy, is a fabric renowned for its softness and warm appearance. Sponsored Links Today, we present a selection of 32 velvet sofas of fabulous design. Velvet sofa for a stylish and warm living room interior The velvet is a fabric made in a very special way: the threads are distributed evenly. The word velvet comes from the Latin villosus meaning “covered with hair”. It is a creation from the East. For the first time, velvet appears in Persia. Throughout history, it…

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Palette Headboard – An Inexpensive Project To Beautify Your Room

Are you creative? Do you like to tinker? We have put together for you some ideas of headboard in pallet to embellish your  bedrooms , so your sleep will be even softer in an environment made to your taste. Sponsored Links Rustic wooden pallet headboard One of the main rooms of our house is the bedroom. It is a place of rest and well being. That’s why we care about the furnishing of this one, as well as its decoration. One of the main furniture of this room is the bed. When we think bed we always pay…

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