A Guide to Effective Home ManagementHome Improvement 

A Guide to Effective Home Management

If you have just got your foot on the property ladder, congratulations, yet there is much to learn before you can say you are an effective home manager, and it isn’t just organising daily chores, there is also the maintenance aspect of the structure to consider. The modern home is a complex combination of pipes and cables that funnel electricity and water to various parts of the house, and you will often need essential services, such as an electrician and a plumber.

Source and Form Connections

The smart way to deal with essential domestic services is to seek them out prior to actually needing them. This gives you the ability to call in a service at the touch of a smartphone screen, and if you are looking for recommended electricians in Glasgow, for example, a Google search will point you in the right direction. Here are a few emergency numbers you should obtain:

  • Electrician
  • Plumber
  • Roofing Contractor
  • Tree Surgeon

There are other essential services that you might require, and perhaps the locksmith is another number to add to the growing list. It might take you a while to source all of the above, but once you have all the numbers stored on your mobile device, you really are ready for anything.

Prevention Rather Than Cure

In order to have cost effective repairs, one needs to focus on prevention rather than cure. Carry out regular visual inspections of the roof, and notice any damp patches on the walls, which would indicate a leaking pipe, and look for any unusual water use by checking the bills, as a major leak might occur under the ground, which might not damage the structure, but it will cost you money in the long run. Your domestic appliances undergo some heavy punishment, and regular servicing is essential, which will also ensure there are no expensive repair bills, and the HVAC climate control system will also require regular attention, perhaps as often as every quarter.

Family Involvement

While it might be possible for one person to carry out the cleaning and chores on a daily basis, they would have no time for anything else, and by enlisting family members and creating a chore schedule, you will find things much more manageable. The kids can each be responsible for cleaning their own rooms, which is a great character builder, and with your partner equally involved, things will get done according to a chart that is agreed upon by all.

Visual Inspections

These will hopefully bring to light any issues with the building or the complex systems it contains, and one area to focus on is the roof, and regular cleaning out of the guttering will ensure there are no blockages, especially if there are tree branches overhanging the roof. The plumbing can be inspected for water leaks or damp patches, and any sign of a problem, call in the plumber.

Home management is all about organisation, and with the right essential services in your corner, you are equipped to deal with any emergency.

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