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A Guide to Choosing The Best Type Of Soil For The Job

Whether you are a casual gardener or a landscape designer, then one of the most important considerations that you should think about every day is the type of soil that you will be using. This is especially important if you want to grow a variety of different plants because different types of soil contain different organic materials while they can also have different levels of acid or alkaline. Furthermore, there are a number of different types of soil that you may want to use in your garden. However, to make sure you use the correct soil for the job,you should understand the various layers which comprise the soil that can be found under your garden.

Topsoil layer

The top layer of soil contains a variety of different organic matter, as well as compost and topsoil. Indeed, eco-soil, topsoil and compost are very similar while they can be found on the surface of the ground. However, these three soils are used very differently as topsoil is generally a darker coloured organic soil containing a high percentage of compost, giving it a rich, dark colour while this particular soil is useful for growing a number of plants as well as grass. If you need a topsoil delivery in Richmond then you can search online for companies who will deliver topsoil to your location.

Compost layer

Furthermore, the topsoil layer in your garden can also contain a significant amount of compost which is a very finely screened form of soil and this particular medium is perfect for growing vegetables and plants. The main component of compost is usually decomposing leaves, while this particular type of topsoil is the same dark colour as topsoil while it is also full of organic material which makes it perfect for growing vegetables.


In addition to topsoil and compost, eco-soil is another important growing material which can be found within the top few layers of soil in your garden. Indeed, eco-soil is very similar to the layers of topsoil and compost. However, the particles are not as fine as compost or topsoil. Furthermore, this particular growing material contains small stones and sticks, making it suitable for planting larger trees or shrubs instead of smaller plants or vegetables.


As well as understanding the layer of topsoil, it is important that gardeners understand the layer of subsoil which can be found significantly deeper than normal topsoil. Indeed, if you want to landscape your garden or you need to fill in a particular area before planting you can use a form of filler or subsoil which is much cheaper than expensive compost and topsoil. Subsoil is generally lower in organic material, while it is also a light brown colour instead of a dark black like topsoil and compost. Furthermore, you can use fill in any hole to make a layer on which your topsoil will sit.

Therefore, if you want to landscape your garden, then you should make sure you understand the various soils and types of fill which are available on the market, giving you the best soil for the job.

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