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4 Ways to Use Personalized Gifts in Interior Design

Now that Christmas is over, you might have a bunch of personalized gifts from family and friends. What do you plan to do with them? You can use them in your interior design. If you are clueless about how to do it, keep on reading and learn from some of the tips we will share below.

Hang On the Wall

One of the most popular personalized gifts by Shutterfly is a canvas print. If you received one, you can make it wall art. This is an excellent way to give life to boring walls. They will make an excellent statement piece, such as if it is an inspirational quote. They can also be printed photos and will make a nice gallery wall. Combine several pieces together and arrange them in random patterns. It can make a great conversation piece when you have guests.

Display on the Couch

Pillows are also common choices for personalized gifts, such as those that are made by Shutterfly. Whether you have one or several pieces, a good idea is to put it on the couch. As a group, arrange in such a way that it adds a decorative element to the seats. According to design experts, it is best to display them in odd numbers, such as three or five. The most popular ways to customize a pillow include having a name, photo, or inspirational quote printed on the cover.

Light it Up

Add lighting to highlight the personalized gifts that you received. For instance, if it is a huge family portrait or an artwork, you can display it in the foyer or living room and add a spotlight. To make lighting work, you need to choose the right type. Picture lights are great if you want an intimate look. On the other hand, track lighting will be great for a display that constantly changes. Ceiling-mounted lights, meanwhile, will be the best choice if you want the focus to be on the picture or art and not the light. Make sure as well that the light is positioned in such a way that it will nor produce glare since the frame is glass.

Frame It

If the gift is not framed, you can consider having it framed before being displayed. Choosing the right frame is not easy, especially if your goal is to make it blend well with the existing interior design. Choose a color that will complement what is inside. The style of the frame should also complement whatever it houses. For instance, if the picture is small, avoid using large frames as it can be overwhelming. Choose a large frame if you will display large prints. Also, if you want to achieve a vintage appeal, opt for wood. If you want a more industrial look, on the other hand, choose steel or metal frames.

Make the most out of the personalized gifts you have received by following the things that have been mentioned above. They are great ways to give your home a unique touch.

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