4 Great Reasons For Installing A Canopy

Schools in Manchester are increasingly complaining about the growing student numbers, and less and less space for the kids to run around and have fun. We do need the students to be in the confines of the school grounds, but because of the unpredictable weather here, it could rain at any time, and wet students are annoyed students. We are also getting hotter Summers in the UK and we need to protect our school kids from the harmful effects of UV rays. Canopies are a great addition to any school and there are many reasons why they would add to your children’s learning environments.

  1. Encourages Creativity – Because the canopies are installed outside, this allows the kids and the teachers to do things they wouldn’t normally do inside. Art can become a lot more fun as the kids can make a little more mess that can be easily washed away later. It also allows students to interact with the nature outside and see the colours and shapes, that they will be asked to draw or paint. A canopy means that even if the predictable rainy UK weather should appear, learning can continue because everyone will be dry.
  1. UV Protection – We are continually warned about the harmful effects of UV rays and the dangers it holds, regarding our kid’s skins. On the bright Summer days that we do get in the UK, these canopies will protect the students and still allow them to learn outdoors. Canopies now come with UV resistant materials to protect us, and provide a large shaded area for the teachers and students alike. Due to their continued popularity, schools are now searching for canopies for sale in Manchester.
  1. Additional Space – If your school decides to make the wise choice and invest in a canopy, then it will provide a space, where you never had space before. It is a lot cheaper than putting an expensive extension on to your current school, and it should be much easier to get the money from the school budget. It is put up in a fraction of the time it takes to build a brick and mortar extension, so the students and teachers can take advantage of the extra space immediately.
  1. All Weather Solution – I have attended school in the UK, and there is nothing worse than not being able to go outside and play with your mates because it’s raining. You have been stuck in school all morning learning, and that one hour you get to play, is really important. The UK offers us many rainy days, and so it would be great if the kids could play outside, no matter what the weather. Well, it is possible with a canopy installed on school grounds. The students are dry and they are kept in a controlled space, which is great for everyone. Keeping control of kids that are full of energy inside a classroom is a nightmare, and getting them outside is a great way for them to burn up their energy.

Canopies are a great way to create additional, safe space for students without the great expense of having to build a completely new area for them. It can make a real difference to student’s learning environments.

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