3 Things ThatYou Should be Doing at the End of AnyConstruction ProjectHome Improvement 

3 Things ThatYou Should be Doing at the End of AnyConstruction Project

There are many ways that you could approach the management of a construction project, large or small. Whether you’re a consultant project manager, working on behalf of a client or whether you work directly for a contractor and are responsible for on site project delivery, there are several things that you can do to make your job as straightforward as possible.

Here we will provide an overview of the post completion handover process, helping you to get it right, first time.

Collating all Certification and Sign Off Paperwork

During the project, it is likely that several electrical installations will have been completed. These installations will need to be signed off by a competent third party to ensure quality as well as the compliance with the relevant Building Regulations.

Once received, this paperwork will need to be collated and compiled into a building occupation manual to be received by the client or their facilities management representative.

If the project was subject to Building Control approval, a final visit will need to be arranged with a Building Control Officer so that they can complete the approval paperwork on their end. This final visit will be a formality because the bulk of any inspections will have been completed whilst the project was still underway. This certificate should also be kept and compiled into the occupation manual.

Scheduling a Builder’s Clean

No matter how careful any contractor or builder is, there will likely be a significant amount of dirt and debris left over which will need to be removed before handover. This process is known as a builder’s clean and can either be completed by the contractor or by a contracted third party who offers cleaning services.

This process can take anywhere from a day to a week to complete depending upon the size of the building or work area. For this reason, plenty of time should be allocated prior to handover to ensure that this process can be completed unhindered. We find that a three to four week period is usually sufficient. After builders cleaning in Essex and the surrounding areas of the South-East is offered by several companies so get in touch for a quotation. Costs are usually competitive as there are quite a few companies competing for the same work within any given area.

Getting the Snagging Process Right

The snagging of construction work is probably the most important of any of the pre handover tasks you should be completing. No matter how successful the project was, your client will always remember that there was a kitchen tap that didn’t quite work as it should have.

The snagging process can be considered as checking that a contractor has completed their job properly and that anything installed works as it should. This process is a good time to rectify any areas of poor workmanship before the client occupies the building.

The post construction period is valuable time that should be spent making sure that the building project you’ve just managed is perfect. Make sure that you allow yourself enough time to rectify any issues that can’t be dealt with immediately.

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