Ants can be a major problem and the products sold to keep these insects away usually contain very powerful chemicalsNews 

11 Natural Solutions To Keep Ants Away From Your Home

Ants can be a major problem and the products sold to keep these insects away usually contain very powerful chemicals. Moreover, the micronization of these products not only pollutes the environment, but can also stay in the air or adhere to the skin, which causes adverse effects on our bodies.

As if that was not enough, if you have animals or toddlers at home, they can be an even more serious annoyance.

Some people use an exterminator, but it is much simpler and more economical to keep away ants with only the ingredients you can have in our kitchen.

11 Natural Tips to Keep Ants Out of Your Home

1. Chalk

Draw a chalk line on the passage of the ants, they will not cross it. Crossing a line seems to be too difficult for ants, especially when it is drawn with chalk.

2. Coffee Mark

Coffee grounds are a good repellent for ants and it is not dangerous for the animals of the house. Some people have had success by placing the coffee beans at strategic points.

3. Lemon juice

The citrus scent and acidity of these fruits naturally function to keep ants away. It is best to choose lemon, because mild citrus like orange, can attract them. Spray doors and windows with a little lemon juice that can also be diluted with water. Acidity disrupts their sense of direction. You can even use lemon peels.

4. Peppermint

The perfume of the mint keeps the ants away. Collect mint tea bags that you have already used or spray peppermint essential oil on window frames and doors. In addition, you will perfume the air with a very refreshing aroma.

5. Egg shells

This trick is not the most practical but the eggshell crushed and placed on the edges of windows and doors will cause the ants will no longer penetrate your home. You can also use this tip in your kitchen pantry.

6. Cinnamon

Sprinkle cinnamon powder over window edges and door sills. You can also use essential oil of cinnamon. Whether in powder or oil, cinnamon deterts ants.

7. Walnut leaf

Lay a few walnut leaves on the window sills and door sills, the ants will go their way.

8. semolina  corn

Non-toxic, cornmeal is apparently effective against an ant invasion. Spread the semolina on the areas where the ants are.

9. Diatomaceous earth

Place a thin layer of diatomaceous earth where you see ants entering, concentrating on the entry points. The effectiveness of diatomaceous earth has also been tested against other insects such as fleas and spiders.

10. Apple Cider Vinegar

Spread a little vinegar on the ground in your garden to repel insects naturally without cruelty. In your home, clean the surfaces with a mixture of apple cider vinegar and warm water. Insects stay away from the pungent odor of vinegar. White vinegar works well too.

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